3. How to Turn on Frontend and Default Dark Mode - Darklup

3. How to Turn on Frontend and Default Dark Mode

We have various dark mode enabling options in our plugin. Because multiple users require multiple types of dark mode functionality on their websites. To fully fill the user demands, we included these features for them. 

In our Darklup dark mode plugin, you can easily turn on dark mode for the frontend portion of your Website.

Go to your Darklup Dashboard > Darklup > Advanced Settings

advance setting

Click on the button and turn on the dark mode for your WordPress website’s front-end portion.

3.1 How to Turn on Default Dark Mode #

Some WordPress website owners want the default dark mode on their websites. So when the user visits your website, they will see that the dark mode is already enabled for the website.

To turn on the default dark mode go to the following settings – Dashboard > Darklup > Advanced Settings.

Default Dark Mode

Just click on and enable the default dark mode on your WordPress site. Now your users will not need to enable dark mode when they enter your website.

about us

As you can see the dark mode is automatically enabled in our WordPress website.

You can also enable a keyboard shortcut specifically for the dark mode setting. Navigate to the bottom section of “Advanced Settings”. Here you will see the option called “Enable Keyboard Shortcut”

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