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Why is Darklup Better than Others?

OS Based Dark Mode

Automatically turn on the dark mode for various operating systems.
Ensure a hassle-free dark mode transition for every visitor to your site.

color pallet

Ready Dark Color Scheme

Choose from a variety of 12+ appealing color presets to customize your dark mode according to your preference. Provide a polished and beautiful look to your site with your favorite color preset.

Dark mode button

15+ Floating Switches

Change the appearance of your floating switch button with 15+ unique pre-optimized floating switch styles. Versatility always matters for website visitors.

time based dark mode

Time Based Dark Mode

Set the dark mode based on your schedule without any hassle. Darklup has the most advanced time based setting to start and end the dark mode on your website.

Floating Switch

Draggable Floating Switch

Make your floating switch adjustable by enabling the draggable floating switch function. Visitors can move the floating switch wherever they want.

color group

Backend Dark Mode

Enable dark mode for the admin panel of your WordPress website. Change your monotonous admin panel appearance to a unique dark-shaded interface.


Frontend Dark Mode

Turn on the dark mode for the frontend portion of your website within a single click. Optimize dark mode with lots of advanced functionality.

Define Custom Color

Independently change the colors of the various elements of your website such as background color, text color, link color, hover color, etc.

Advanced Image Replacement Support

No more confusion about the appearance of the image in dark mode. Now you can easily set different images for the dark mode and light mode. Images will automatically change based on visitors' dark/light mode settings.

Lite mode ImageDark mode image
/* Dark Mode Style */ .dummy { position: relative; display: inline-block; box-sizing: border-box; } .dummy:before { top: 0px; left: 0px; right: 0px; width: 100%; bottom: 0px; content: ''; height: 100%; position: absolute; background: lightgray; }

Custom CSS Support

Change the color of a particular section of your website with your coding expertise. Because Darklup will give you the full opportunity of using custom CSS support settings.

WooCommerce Integration

Make your WooCommerce site user-responsive and stylish. Darklup seamlessly integrated with the WooCommerce platform. Now you can apply the dark mode on the specific product page or category page of your website.

woo commerce layout


Flawless Compatibility


People's Thoughts on Darklup



I had a customer asking me for dark mode on their website. I searched the web and tried out all the plugins available. I really loved Darklup and got a unlimited site license to use on all my clients website. I really look forward to se the development of Darklup.




I love the dark mode, which is now available in almost every good app. But I have always missed it on websites. So it’s even nicer that I can now make my own website “darkmodefriendly” with DarkLup!




with lot’s of options to custom your button, the color and much more, great support for any issues, working great on my websites!

Yam Yuen


I believe that Darklup is the best all-in-one dark mode plugin for WordPress. I have been pleased with the quality customer service that I have received from Darklup. I highly recommend it!


The best plugin for those who wants to implement Dark/Light mode in their websites. Its easy to use and feature rich



I purchased the plugin for personal sites to improve the user experience. Nice thing that I personally like about the plugin is it’s really simple to use. They take care of every little thing that matters from the users point of view.




Definitely a complete dark mode plugin for WordPress. We use several sites for our own and client-side. We find it very useful and increase conversion, dwell time and pleasure eyes with low contrast light. Can use any color, that easy to build the brand. Hats off to you Darklup.



More Essential Features of Darklup

Automatic Mode ​


Custom Button Size

Switch in Menu


Link Hover Color

Switch Tooltip Setting

Switch Customization

WooCommerce Support

Schedule Dark Mode

Super fast & Light weight

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