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Refund Policy

Refund Policy


We always maintain the best quality of our product. We reassure our customers about the best performance and service of our product. As a customer, you will meet all of your demands by using the product.

However, some unwanted issues can occur sometimes. In that case, you can contact us for any unresolvable problem and refund the product within 30 days after purchase. We are always ready to serve you in every way.

For any problems, you can contact our team. If you are suffering from any problem with our product, we are available for ensuring proper support to fix the problem or bug.

Don’t delay when you’re facing issues. Hurry up and contact us for any help and information. Our documentation is also very helpful for you, you can find your solutions here easily.


Refund is available if:

  •   Feature support is covenanted but not provided to you.
  •   Product Security is poor.
  •   The product you have purchased is completely non-functional.
  •    product main description was fully misleading.



Refund is not available if:

  •   You have downloaded it but you don’t want to continue with the product.
  •   The item cannot be able to satisfy you and you feel not good about it. Please check the demo of the product and learn about it before buying.
  •   You change your mind and make another decision.
  •    You refused to provide our support staff with access to your website to investigate our product you are having an issue with.
  •    You are unable to use it and don’t have enough expertise to use the product.
  •   You bought our product unwillingly.
  •   You have a personal issue.
  •   You want a refund but you don’t have any strong reason.


We will try our best to give you the proper service and process your refund as soon as possible. When you contact for a refund, in some cases we may offer to solve the issue for you.

We have the right to reject a refund request if needed for any reason.

After requesting and receiving a refund request, you forsake all ownership of your license and agree to discontinue the use of the product instantly.

No refund will be accepted after 30 days post-purchase.

You can submit a refund request by sending a mail.

Enjoy our services and contact us for any requirement.