Microsoft Windows 11 brings default dark mode

Microsoft Windows 11 brings default dark mode & we empower WordPress with default dark mode

Dark mode is a trendy feature that has been hyping up the community recently. Until Microsoft declared the official default dark mode in Windows 11, not many people were thinking about it. But now, the game changes.

While we have been through apocalyptic disaster (not totally), we are stuck at our home, workplace, studios, & coffee shops.


Sitting in front of the computer all day results in bad headaches & eye problems. You can’t be staring at these smart devices for so long, else you will go blind.

Now, these problems are no longer a threat. Just like Windows 11, WordPress also has default dark mode. No matter what you are doing on your computer, be it surfing or browsing, you can enjoy a non-stop dark mode experience.


That’s what we will be talking about in this article. Let me start with Windows and then I will get to WordPress.


Windows 11 Dark Mode



Just like the previous version of Windows, get on the settings tab and look into the Personalisation tab. From the 3rd theme, you will get 3 consecutive dark themes.

Now, here’s the fun. Once you select the dark theme, it will be automatically selected as your default. Microsoft made it default as it renders the dark mode within all the windows, folders, & pages.

Yeah, that’s about it. There is no dedicated control except the color schemes below the themes. Still, it’s awesome!

But wait! What about WordPress? To your surprise, WordPress has Darklup that adds default dark mode with a load of control options. It’s sweet & people loved it more than anything.


WordPress Default Dark Mode With Darklup



Generally, WordPress doesn’t have any trigger to turn on dark mode on its own. But not when we made Darklup integrate into WordPress and become its very own default dark mode setting.

While windows suppress its user from making their own dark mode preferences, WordPress doesn’t do that. Actually, we made Darklup let users design dark mode according to their preferences with maximum customization control.

That’s why we can’t really end this article here but to describe more things about the plugin. Take your coffee and let’s start on the features.


Unique Frontend Dark Mode Switch


Darklup presents a unique frontend floating switch that can turn on dark mode upon click. The switch arrangement varies according to user preference. That means you can place it anywhere you like within the page.

Also, the switch color changes according to the mode. All colors are equally balanced and the user is allowed to change from light mode to dark mode.

Unique Backend Dark Mode Switch



Darklup dark mode has a dedicated backend switch for the admin panel. Now, the users or the admin on the site backend can enjoy dark mode as well. The switch position is set on the top bar by default and remains there. Click to apply dark mode instantly.


Magnificent Color Scheme For Both Frontend & Backend



Afraid of running your site’s color scheme? Well, no need to be concerned as Darklup has a bunch of rare color schemes. Each can take your site to the next level by applying exclusive color combos on the display.

Both Frontend & Backend have color schemes with preference settings.


Explicit Button Styles


Explicit Button Styles


While you are searching for something unique for your dark mode switch, we made a lot of switch styles for you. Unlike our competitors, we made this unique approach so that you can choose from the variety. All switches have color, position, & dimension customization menus.

Custom CSS Field


Not finding your color preferences? We got your back! The custom CSS field is made to entertain your style needs assuring maximum freedom of customization. You can style your dark mode interface as you want. Just grab an expert or insert CSS style code yourself and get your desired color preference.


How to Install Darklup Dark Mode in WordPress

Till now, you get to know how awesome Darklup is and learn about the features. Next, let’s talk about installing the plugin on your website.

Right now, we have two versions of the plugin.

  1. DarklupLite
  2. Darklup Pro

Obviously, the lite version is free of cost and comes with a great number of features. It works fast and we are constantly upgrading the plugin.

The premium version costs only $99/year for 1000 sites and comes with the highest number of features available on the market. Let’s go with the free version installation process.

default dark mode


1st Method-

  • Go to the DarklupLite WordPress directory and download the plugin.
  • Go your WordPress dashboard> Plugins> Add New> Upload Plugin
  • Now drop the DarklupLite zip file into the box and click Install Now
  • Now just activate the plugin to get it to work


Install Now

2nd Method-

  • Go to WordPress Dashboard> Plugins> Add New
  • Search for DarklupLite in the search field
  • Click Install Now on the plugin description box
  • Then activate the plugin
  • Note: As we already have the plugin installed, there’s no “Install Now” button showing on the page.


Once you are done, you will get a tab named Darklup inside your WordPress dashboard.

Now that the plugin is activated on your website, you just need to calibrate it according to your needs. Hopefully, these little guidelines will help.


Get To Know About The Settings

Darklup is a user-friendly plugin with no complex setting interface. All the options are neatly arranged inside a categorized menu. It’s easy to master and we have our team to support you if necessary. You can also look into the Documentation page to learn how to use the plugin.


The settings tab has the following layout in sequence-

  • Home: contains basic info about the plugin, links for tutorials, documentation, support, suggestion page link, and rating button.
  • General Settings has 4 switchers to enable/disable Frontend, Backend, OS aware mode, & Floating switch.
  • Advanced Settings: has 3 switchers to enable/disable Default mode, Display switch in the menu, and Time-based operation.
  • Switch Styles: can choose Switch style, Position, Label, Custom margins, etc.
  • Color Settings: has Frontend & Admin color Presets & Custom color customization.
  • Image Settings: image customization to reduce brightness, contrast, opacity for better visual
  • WooCommerce: Include & Exclude option for WooCommerce Products & Categories
  • Filter Elements: use filter to Include/Exclude elements like div, section, class, id
  • Triggers: Include/Exclude posts, pages, & categories in general
  • Custom CSS: custom CSS field made for developers


Dark Mode Switch on Regular Pages & Admin Pages



To turn on dark mode on the common pages as well as admin pages, go to the plugin’s General Settings section and turn the two switches on. Click the Save Settings button to apply the changes.

With that, you will see the dark mode switch in the frontend as well as in the backend of your website.


WooCommerce Integration & Custom Product Selection


Dark Mode Switch on Regular Pages & Admin Pages


If you are running a WooCommerce website, you can select the dark mode preferences for specific products on your website. With these controls, you can easily include/exclude products from benign affected by the dark mode interface.

We have WooCommerce integrated into our system just for serving your purposes. Now your products won’t go unnoticed and viewers will find them comfortable to look at.


Make Your Website More Engaging With Darklup Dark Mode

All these are said, and we only talked about a portion of what Darklup is capable of. With the powerful dark mode interface, you can protect your eyes from the bright lights and enjoy a breathtaking reading experience.

To know about all the features, visit the Darklup Dark Mode Plugin website. Check out our other products for WooCommerce also.

Have a great day


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