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Should You Turn On Dark Mode On Your Website – (Step by Step Guide)

Optimizing a user-friendly website should always be your major goal. Otherwise, the visitors will feel irritated while visiting your website.

They will automatically leave the website. It will also increase the bounce rate of your site.

If you are following the current trend, you already know about the popularity of the dark mode. 

Along with the appearance, dark mode provides various benefits to website owners and visitors. 

So are you interested in implementing dark mode on your website? 

In this article, we are going to discuss the pros and cons of using dark mode on your website. Besides that, we also guide you on how you can easily set the dark mode on your WordPress website.

So what’s the delay? Let’s jump on to further discussion. 

What is Dark Mode?

We can doubt that you ever heard about dark mode before. We live in a world of modern technology. We often use various multimedia devices like smartphones, laptops, tablets, etc.

Dark mode becomes one of the major functions of these devices.

What is the main purpose of the dark mode?

Well, dark mode is a modern feature that turns the background and the entire interface of the device user interface into black color. 

It might be your smartphone or laptop. I know, you have already seen the dark mode feature on famous websites like Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube.

dark mode

YouTube Dark Mode Option

These websites regularly update dark mode functionality to improve their website user experiences. They also include dark mode customizable transparency functionality for the users.

android dark mode

So the users can independently change the intensity of the dark mode. 

Generally, we see every website built based on white color background or multi-color background. 

The dark mode option mainly turns the whole website or app into an entirely dark color. Sometimes it combines other dark shade colors like dark blue, dark red, gray, etc.

There are lots of pros and cons of using dark mode on your website.

We are going to discuss that broadly in the next sections.

The Advantage of Using Dark Mode on Your Website

So we hope that you have already got an extensive idea about using dark mode. 

So let’s know what are the major advantages of using dark mode on your WordPress website.

1. Improve Battery Life

You might think that the dark mode only changes the appearance of the website. 

But you are wrong. Because dark mode is also technically effective for the users. It has special benefits for improving the battery life of the visitors’ devices. 

Now the question arises how the dark mode affects the battery life?

Well, the dark mode doesn’t save battery life directly. The battery-saving ability depends on the display type of the visitor’s device.

The battery-saving functionality works on OLED(Organic Light-emitting Diode) display devices. 

According to the research of Purdue University

“Purdue researchers found that switching from light mode to dark mode saves only 3%-9% power on average for several different OLED smartphones” 

The OLED screen produces screen lights through its pixels. OLED screens do not need backlight support to show the light like LED screens.

So when the user turns on the dark mode function, OLED screens automatically turn off the pixels to make the background color dark.

As a result, those pixels do not require any electricity to produce light.

On the other hand, LED displays cant process the light like that.

2. Enhance User Experience

How will you define the user experience of a website?

Well, user experience determines how a user interacts with a website. It also determines how the visitors are feeling during browsing the entire website. 

So, you must ensure that your user can easily roam around your website without facing any major issues.

The whole user experience factor also depends on the overall appearance of your website. 

Suppose you have chosen a premium colorful theme for your WordPress website. But you didn’t notice that your website navigation menu remains invisible for the reason of various colors.

Will you benefit from using this theme?

At the end of the day, it hampers the overall user experience of your website.

Because when the user visits your website, they will feel confused while navigating the website.

But, when you enable dark mode on your WordPress website, it will provide a precise look to your website.

The visitors will never face major navigating issues while browsing the website.

3. Effective For Eye Health

There is no doubt that we often spend the majority of our time in front of smartphones and laptops. 

Because we do most of our daily life tasks with the help of these devices. Suppose you want to purchase something, you will visit a reputed e-commerce store to buy that product.

In terms of education, research, and entertainment we also rely on these devices. 

So as a modern human, you can’t prevent yourself from seeing the smartphone screen or your desktop, or laptop monitors.

This long-term screen exposure can highly impact your eye health. It can create huge stress on your eye and your brain.

Because when you spend lots of time in front of the screen, your eyes become entirely dry. As a result, it irritates the eye nerves. Generally, it doesn’t cause any sudden and permanent damage to your eye health.

But gradually it becomes dangerous for your eye health. Eye fatigue can cause problems like headaches, tiredness, etc. 

According to Datareportal, globally each individual spends 6 hours and 37 minutes on the Internet each day.”

However, every problem has a possible solution. You can use the dark mode on your website. The dark mode is more comfortable than the regular or light mode. 

Because the dark mode feature reduces the overall brightness of the website and turns the background into dark color.

4. Better For Content Readability

Do you know the readability of your website contents can have a high impact on the overall user experience of the website?

What exactly is readability?

Well, readability means how easy it is to read your website content to potential visitors.

Suppose you have a WooCommerce store. So, you have lots of products in your store. But your product descriptions are very hard to read. 

Do you think the customers will feel interested to purchase the product from your shop?

If they don’t understand your product, why do they purchase it from you? 

Readability can be hampered for the reason of your website design. Your website text should be matched with your website background color.

The dark mode feature is highly efficient in improving the content readability of your site. Because it increases the contrast of a text background. 

Cons of Using Dark Mode on Your Website

Well, there are lots of perks to using dark mode on your WordPress website. But dark mode also has multiple cons along with different advantages. 

Demolish The Website Design

Is the dark mode related to the design of the website?

There is no doubt that the dark mode is entirely connected with the design of the website.

Because when your website visitor enables dark mode, it will change the entire look of the website. We know it usually changes the background color into dark or gray color.

Here comes the main point.

We always want to make our website visually appealing. So the visitors feel something different while roaming around our website. 

For that purpose, we spend a good amount of money and time designing the website professionally.

But when you enable the dark mode on your website it will automatically cover up the design of your website. It will turn off all the colors of your WordPress website and show a dark background.

So, do those themes remain effective?

By the way, you can use the WordPress dark theme from the WordPress plugin store. You can use these themes along with the dark mode setting.

Navigation Difficulty

Navigation difficulty is another considerable con of using the dark mode feature on your WordPress website.

We know that the dark mode option is efficient to improve the user experience of your website.

The question can come to your mind – How can dark mode create problems in the navigation of your website?

Most of the cases dark mode is flawlessly matched with the design of the website. So the visitor never faced any difficulties at all. 

But sometimes dark mode does not match the design of the website. Because every website has different designs and structures.

Suppose you choose a colorful premium theme for your website. After enabling the dark mode on your website, you will see the dark interface does not match the interface of your website.

For this purpose, your website navigation menu might become invisible to the visitor of your website.

How Setup Dark Mode on Your WordPress Website

We think you have already got wholesome knowledge about the dark mode functionality in your WordPress website.

So, are you interested in setting up dark mode on your website?

Based on the current trends and user demands you must focus on incorporating dark mode on your WordPress website.

Now the time has come to know how to properly set up dark mode on your WordPress website.

In this section, we are going to provide an ultimate guide for enabling dark mode.

Doing any type of customization WordPress has numerous plugins. For that purpose, you have to choose the right plugin for optimizing the dark mode feature.

Now we are going to use the most effective dark mode plugin called Darklup.

darklup lite, wp dark mode

Darklup is a well-developed plugin that comes up with a variety of features and advantages. This fascinating dark mode addon will help you to flexibly customize the dark mode on your WordPress website.

Let’s get an idea about some major features of this plugin – 

  • Fronted dark mode.
  • Backend dark mode.
  • Multiple dark mode switch styles.
  • OS-based dark mode function.

However, there are lots of different types of attractive features. Don’t hesitate to install the plugin and check all the features.

Step 1 – Install & Activate The Darklup

To use the dark mode feature you need to install the plugin from the WordPress plugin store.
Go to your WordPress Dashboard > Plugins > Add New. Now you need to search by the plugin name – Darklup.

wordpress dashboard

You will see the plugin in your search result. Now just install and activate the plugin. After the installation process go to the dark mode plugin dashboard.

Step 2 – Enable Dark Mode

Now go to your WordPress Dashboard, and you will see the plugin “Darklup Lite” option. 

WordPress Dashboard

In the advanced setting, you will see different types of dark mode options. 

  • Enable OS Aware Dark Mode.
  • Dark Mode as Default.
  • Time-Based Dark Mode.
time based on Darklup Darkmode

Enable the dark mode on your WordPress website based on your preference.

By the way, you can easily customize the color of the dark mode from the “Color Settings” menu.

darklup color setting

You can change the color of your Website up to 12 different colors present from the color setting. Besides that, it has options called “Preset color customization”.

Users can easily customize multiple sections of the preset colors such as background color, link color, text color, border color, button background color, etc.

Also, you can edit multiple factors of your website image such as brightness, contrast, opacity, grayscale, etc.

Final Words

To become relevant in this competitive world of the internet, you must make your website more user-friendly and flexible. Adding a dark mode feature on your WordPress site can be the right step at present. So, you can choose the Darklup plugin without any hesitation.

Overall this plugin is the appropriate choice for every WordPress website owner. The advanced features of this plugin will help you to make your website more convenient for your potential visitors.

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