Setup Darklup to Your WordPress Website
Properly Setup Darklup

How to Properly Setup Darklup to Your WordPress Website for Better Reading Experience

After dark mode became a hot topic among the public, many of you asked us how to make websites dark mode easily.

The thing is, many devices now have integrated dark mode options. Just a tap on the button triggers the serene dark mode interface on your device screens. Easier for devices; however, websites based on WordPress need an extra hand, like the Darklup dark mode plugin.

That’s how you can enjoy a comfortable reading experience when the lights are out. As for how to make websites dark mode efficiently and effectively, continue reading the article slowly. 

Sit tight; we are about to explain the whole procedure.

How did the Dark Mode become the talk of the town?

Dark Mode is a feature that reduces the total amount of white lights emitted from smart devices. This feature can paint the whole background black and highlights the texts with white. Unfortunately, that makes the amount of light visible from the screen too thin to hurt your eyes at night.

Certain devices have night light modes that are totally different from dark mode. The night mode feature uses a warm tone of light to reduce the impact on your eyes, while the dark mode turns the background to total black.

Before 2017, people would picture dark mode as a screen from one of the oldest models of monitors, the Green Monitor GT65. Back in the ’90s, the green text on the black screen was the definitive version of dark mode, but that didn’t last long.

There’s a reason why dark mode became so popular quickly. Since smart devices sprout up from thousands of tech industries, people felt the necessity to turn back time, making the dark mode feature appear again.

The whole situation got worse in the pandemic, making us bend on the smart devices more. As it’s impossible to stare at the bright screen the entire time, dark mode became one of the essential features for smart devices like mobiles, PCs, laptops, etc.

Now back to the question, how to make websites dark mode in WordPress? Unlike devices, websites don’t have an embedded dark mode. So, a third hand is required, like Darklup, a tool for adding dark mode features to WordPress based websites easily. No need to go beyond compare dark theme when you can apply dark mode with just a click of a mouse button.

How to Add Dark Mode Easily to Your WordPress Website for Better Reading Experience

With Darklup, it’s possible to add dark mode to both your website’s frontend and backend. So while your visitors can get comfortable with using the frontend, you can work efficiently on the backend by turning on the dark mode at night. 

You might have been using a day and night theme for getting the benefit of dark mode when necessary but with Darklup you do not need to do that at all.

How to add Darklup dark mode to WordPress

It is very easy to add Darklup dark mode plugin to your WordPress website. There’s no coding involved in the procedures, so you can easily stay out of fear and follow the steps.

Other than using the Darklup plugin there are also options to get dark mode such as through css darkmode but Darklup saves you from all the hassles.

Now, let me show you how to make websites dark mode using Darklup.

Get the Darklup dark mode plugin

First of all, you need to install Darklup on your WordPress website. This is no difficult task as WordPress is one of the most easy-to-use web platforms.

Simply access your WordPress dashboard and locate the Plugins tab. Next, hover over the tab and then click on the Add New option from the menu. This is the first step to onboarding a new plugin into WordPress.

dark mode background

Now type Darklup in the search field on the top right corner of the page and then click on the install button on the thumb view of the plugin. As we already have Darklup installed, there’s no install button showing on the image.

Anyway, once installed and activated, you are now ready to explore the way how to make websites dark mode using Darklup.

Turn on Frontend dark mode background

After you have successfully onboarded Darklup into WordPress, you will see the plugin name in your dashboard. Next, click on the Darklup settings tab, and you will be able to see the front end dark mode switch there.

light black background

Just turn on the switch and hit the Save Settings button. Now your website frontend is dark mode enabled. It’s also a good thing to turn on the OS Aware dark mode button right below the first switch.

between light and dark

The OS Aware dark mode integrates with the operating system you are using and keeps the dark mode operating on your website based on the OS color mode. So no matter the device, you can automatically turn on dark mode on mobiles, laptops, macs, windows, etc., using system color settings.

Enable Dark Mode toggle on front-end to switch between light and dark mode

Darklup makes it possible for you to provide a button to the front end users in order to switch on/off the dark mode themselves. We call the dark mode toggle “Floating Switch.” It is an optional choice that lets your site visitors engage and interact with your website more.

Go to the General Settings section and turn on the Show Floating Switch button. Now, you just need to pick the floating switch that will be displayed on the front end.

For that, click on the Switch Styles section that is below the Advanced Settings option.

switch styles

Here, you will find a box full of unique switch styles coupled with a live preview window. Just pick any button style and customize the switch if necessary (customizing options are right below).

Once all is done, save the changes and visit the site front end to see how it looks.


The floating button appeared on the right-hand side of your website. The button position is also changeable.

Customizing Color for light black background

In case you are looking to spice up the site background in the dark mode, you can pick from the color pallets. Each color pallet completely changes the color of the texts, hyperlinks, buttons, etc.

Color Settings

You will find these color pallets in the color settings option. If you wonder how to make websites dark mode with custom colors, that is also possible with Darklup. 

This is way simpler than adding css darkmode and anyone can customize the colors. Whether you want to keep a simple dark background or add vibrant colors of your choice, it is a quick task in Darklup.

Just scroll below the Color Settings section to find the custom color options. Using the controls, you can totally renovate the dark mode color for the whole website.

How to make websites dark mode on the admin dashboard

Although WordPress has its own color scheme for the backend, none of the schemes work on the white background area. Thankfully, Darklup can make it happen.

It’s straightforward to activate dark mode on your WordPress admin area with Darklup if you know how to make websites dark mode.

To do that, go to the same General Settings tab and turn on the Backend Dark Mode switch.

Backend Darkmode

Once you save the changes, the page will refresh, and a backend dark mode switch will appear in the top dashboard panel.

Dark Mode

Now, you can simply toss the switch to enjoy a serene dark mode interface on the site backend. It helps you greatly by reducing the strain on your eyes, especially at night, while working on the backend. You can keep a simple dark background

Fun fact is, unlike others, Darklup offers custom backend color settings liberated from WordPress color schemes. That means you can customize the backend color without any inconveniences from the system.

Automate Darklup dark mode for hands-free usage

If you think that’s all Darklup can do, then you are dead wrong. Darklup has an automatic dark mode start-end function integrated into the system. With it, you don’t have to turn on the dark mode manually anymore.

Advanced Settings

Go to Advanced Settings, turn on the Time Based Dark Mode button, and then insert the start and end times.

That’s it! Now, Darklup will trigger dark mode automatically when it’s time. This is how to make websites dark mode.


Hopefully, you have enjoyed this article. If you have any queries, feel free to contact the team anytime you want. Quit using day and night theme just for the sake of using a dark mode for your site. 

Start your journey with Darklup – WP Dark Mode today. Forget about every other hassle that may have been going through before.

Enjoy a better reading experience with an exquisite dark mode interface on your WordPress website.

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