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Is Dark Mode Better for Your Eyes? Shedding Light on Dark Mode

Are you feeling a headache while using your desired smartphone or laptop?

Well, that might be the cause of eye strain.

Because too much screen time creates pressure on the eyes.

You can use dark mode to reduce this problem.

Now most operating systems like Windows, Android, and iOS and famous online platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have options for dark mode functions.

So, implementing dark mode on websites or any other platforms becomes a necessary task. 

People claim dark mode helps users in various ways.

Is dark mode better for your eyes?

Well, we are going to discuss that more elaborately on that topic. Also, we will discuss how to use the dark mode plugin in your WordPress website. To know more about it, stay with us.

What Is Dark Mode? 

The Dark mode is a new and advanced feature for the user interface of a website, operating system, or application. 

When the user enables the dark mode on their device or any other website, it turns the background of the user interface into dark or gray color. It also reduces or dims the users-interface brightness.

The dark mode customization process works based on the overall design of the website. By the way, the term dark mode is also considered “light mode”.

For instance, let’s see how Twitter’s dark mode looks.

This is the default or light mode of Twitter.

Twitter Light Mode

Now let’s see how the Twitter user interface will look when you enable dark mode.

Twitter Dark Mode

By the way, each website or operating system has different functional dark mode features for its users. Some of them have options for choosing multiple dark mode themes, adjustable dark mode intensity, etc.

Along with the dark mode background color, the dark mode also changes the text color, link color, and heading color of a website or application.

However, the dark mode feature is also popular among Windows operating systems and Android.

As you can see the dark mode feature is spreading almost everywhere. Gradually people also feel more interested in using dark mode on their devices and websites.

Uncovering the Essential Benefits of Dark Mode

We hope that you have gathered enough ideas about the usability of the dark mode features. 

Is dark mode better than light mode? 

There are some significant reasons behind the popularity and usefulness of dark mode among people.

In this section, we are going to discuss them more briefly. So let’s jump on that.

1. Reduce Eye Strain

Image Source –

Eye strain and vision fatigue from long reading and screens tiny person concept. Tired sight retina from overworking and computer monitor vector illustration. Office work medical health problem risk.

We are living in a world of modern technology. We can’t even take our next step without using smart devices like computers, smartphones, or laptops.

Suppose, you want to purchase a “watch”. The first thing that will come to your mind is to visit an eCommerce or WooCommerce website and purchase your desired product.

For doing any type of task, we have to reveal our faces in front of our smart device screen. We constantly spend the majority of our time a day using multiple devices.

Do you know this long-term screen exposure can be harmful to our eye health? It dries out our eyeballs and keeps huge stress on our eyes.
As a result, gradually our eye vision becomes weaker than ever. So we should focus on reducing the screen time as much as we can.

Does dark mode your eyes?

Here dark mode plays a helpful role. The dark mode function is efficient to reduce the stress on our eyes. 

Because the dark background reduces the brightness of the website and makes the user interface more efficient to read.

Also, the dark mode blocks the blue light from the screen. Blue light is very risky for our eyes.

According to Harvard Health Publication, “Although it is environmentally friendly, blue light can affect your sleep and potentially cause disease.”

It’s impossible to stop using our desired smart devices in our daily life. But with the help of advanced night mode features, we can reduce the pressure in our eyes.

2. Effective For Battery Saving

Effective For Battery Saving

Along with the health benefits, the dark mode also provides us with technical benefits like battery saving.

But this statement is kind of controversial. Multiple people from various users have different opinions about the battery-saving ability of the dark.

You can call it a controversial statement.

So, does the dark mode feature impact the battery life?

Well, the dark mode saves battery life but it depends on some essential factors. These factors are – 

  • Display type
  • Device type
  • Brightness level

First, you need to focus on the display type of the device. The dark mode is highly efficient for saving the battery of OLED displays.

OLED displays are the new type of display that has been used on most of the new-generation smartphones and laptops. 

On the other hand, LED displays are not that efficient for saving battery life in dark mode.

Then, how an OLED display saves battery life in the dark mode. 

The OLED display contains self-emissive pixels. 

When the user enables dark mode, the background of the user interface becomes dark. So the self-emissive pixels are automatically turned off in this situation.

As a result, it automatically improves the battery life of the device.

According to Forbes, an “OLED display draws between 44% and 73% of a phone’s total power (averaged across the apps and devices) while in light mode at maximum brightness.”

However, dark mode can’t randomly save the battery life of any operating system. 

3. Improves The Website Looks

Do you think only features of your website can grow your WordPress website?

Well, the answer is no.

Because along with the functionality, you must focus on the website design.

When a person visits your website, first he or she notices the overall design of your website.

It creates the first impression of your website to the target visitors.

Suppose, you choose a very bright and colorful theme for your WordPress website. It might look stunning from your point of view.

But nowadays most internet users like minimalist design. Also, most of the audience prefers dark tone design.

So along with the existing design of your website, you should enable the dark mode function for your website.

Your website will look premium. Also, visitors will feel pleased when they visit your website.

Although you are using the WordPress platform. So you can easily access numerous WordPress black themes. It will make your website more user-responsive.

4. Better Content Readability


Why will a visitor visit your website?

They must need some information or want some service from you.

For that purpose, your website should be easy to understand to the visitors. Otherwise, they will instantly leave your website without doing any further activity.

This issue significantly increases the bounce rate on your website. Here content readability plays a huge factor.

The dark mode feature improves the content readability of your website.

Because the black background makes the website content visually clear to the visitors.

Especially, if you have a blog site, it will be very beneficial for you. By the way, it’s also effective for the user experience of your website.

Powerful Tips For Reducing Eye Strain

Is night mode better for your eyes? Using dark mode can definitely reduce your eye strain. Along with that, you should also care about some essential factors. 

In this section, we are going to discuss some essential tips. These tips will help you to reduce your eyestrain.

1. Use Blue Light Blocking Glass

Use Blue Light Blocking Glass

Image Credit –

Using a blue light glass is the perfect choice for reducing eye strain. Currently, blue light glass has become popular among the people.

The blue light glasses are built with blue light lenses. Most doctors often recommend their eye patients to use blue light glasses. 

In the year 2016, I went through frequent headache issues. Then I consulted an eye specialist. He examined my problem and recommended that I use a blue light lens glass.

After some days, my headache problem was almost solved. So you should choose a good quality blue light glass.

According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, blue light glasses are highly efficient for improving sleep and reducing eye strain.

There are multiple types of blue light-blocking glass available at multiple prices in the market.

Don’t randomly choose any blue light glass. Before choosing the glass you must contact an eye specialist. He will recommend the glass based on your eye condition.

2. Choose A Good Quality Eye Drop

Choose A Good Quality Eye Drop

Image Source –

When we look at the screen for a long time, it dries out our eyeballs. Also, my eyes become fatigued.
As a result, eye strain happens. However, eye strain also happens as the reason for not blinking.

Less blinking is another reason behind the dry eyeballs. The main thing is you have to prevent your eye from drying out. 

So, what should you do in this situation?

Well, you have to use good quality and authorized eye drops. It’s effective to prevent dry eyeball issues.

You must communicate with an eye health professional before using an eye drop. Because a wrong eye drop can dangerously affect the health of your eye.

Basically, the eye drops lubricate our eyeballs. It works as a natural moisturizer for our eyes.

But you have to use the eye drops very carefully. 

Before using the eye drop, clean your hand properly. Don’t use the eye drop whenever you want.

Consult with the eye professional and ask him to give you a proper routine and doses. Remember, you have to complete the full dosage.

Eye drops are also highly beneficial to cure bacterial infections in the eyes.

3. Change Display Settings

Change Display Settings

Image Source –

Although you have to use a smartphone and laptop in your daily life.

It’s difficult to eliminate these devices from our life.

Because we often do most of our tasks with the help of them.

Suppose you want to purchase a watch. You will go to Google and research which watch will be better for you.

From education to research, you can’t even ignore your digital devices at all. Now how can you solve this problem?

Well, you can adjust the display setting to reduce the effect of blue light.

First, adjust the display brightness. Usually, high brightness levels impact eye strain. So you have to reduce the brightness level of your device.

Also, you have to make your display comfortable for viewing. Otherwise, it will put extra pressure on your eye.

Suppose you are reading a blog on a website. But your display font size is too small. 

Will you be able to read the article?

The answer is no. Because it automatically puts extra stress on your eye.

So you must adjust font size based on your eye comfortability.

By following these small steps you can easily reduce eye stress.

4. Follow 20-20-20 Rule

If you continuously look at the screen for a long time, nothing can save your eyes from getting stressed.

Whether you use any blue light filter glass or an eye drop. These things are effective to reduce the intensity of the damage.

Rather you should take constant little breaks from the screen. 

It can significantly benefit your overall health along with the eye.

According to indianexpress “The average human blinks 15 times every minute. This percentage drops to half or a third when looking at screens. This can result in dry, itchy, and worn-out eyes. It is known as computer vision syndrome (CVS),” 
Dr. Rishi Bhardwaj, Consultant, Ophthalmology, Paras Hospital, Gurugram

Currently, the 20-20-20 break has become very popular among people. Also, various health professionals recommend these methods.  

Only medication never cures your health entirely. Also, you have to change your habits.

20-20-20 rules is a very easy method. You have to take a 20-second break from your computer screen and look at an object that is 20 feet away from you. This break should be taken around every 20 minutes.

How to Add Dark Mode to WordPress Website

Throughout the previous discussion, we have understood that dark mode is a powerful and effective feature for our website.

Now let’s how can you easily add a dark mode feature on your WordPress site.

We are introducing you to the best dark mode plugin for WordPress website owners. The plugin’s name is Darklup.

Let’s see how to use this valuable plugin in your WordPress website.

➡️ Step 1 – Install and Activate Darklup

Go to your WordPress Dashboard > Plugins > Add New Plugins.
Now search for “Darklup”.

Darklup Installation

Now just install and activate the plugin.

➡️ Step 2 – Enable Dark Mode

Well, our Darklup plugin is ready to use. Go to your WordPress Dashboard > DarklupLite.

Enabling dark mode

Navigate to the “Advanced Settings”. As you can see there are multiple dark mode enabling options.

✅ WordPress Backend Dark mode.

✅ OS Aware Dark Mode.

✅ Time-Based Dark Mode.

WordPress Automatic Dark Mode.

Now you can easily turn on dark mode based on your preference. Also, customize the dark mode color from the “Color Settings”. 

Color Settings

You can choose different types of color presets. Also, Darklup has a preset color customization function.

Final Verdict

While Dark Mode has gained popularity for its aesthetic appeal and potential energy savings, its direct benefits for eye health remain a subject of debate.

Research suggests that Dark Mode can reduce eye strain and fatigue in certain scenarios, particularly in low-light conditions or when using devices for extended periods.

You should also focus on adding a dark mode function to your WordPress website. It will improve the user experience of your website. 

We have shown the most efficient way to enable dark mode on your WordPress website in the previous portion of this blog. We hope this will help you.

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