How to Turn On Dark Mode on Smart Devices in 2023 | Best Ways

How to Turn On Dark Mode on Smart Devices in 2023 | Best Ways

As our digital footprints continue to grow, our screens have become an essential part of our lives, with many of us spending countless hours staring at them daily. The high levels of blue light they emit, however, can cause strain to our eyes and disturb our sleep patterns, leading to an overall decrease in the quality of our health.

Dark Mode has emerged as a popular solution to this problem, providing a visually soothing user interface that’s gentle on our eyes and conducive to a better sleep cycle.

In this blog post, we’ll guide you through the most effective and updated methods to enable dark mode on your smart devices, be it an Android smartphone, an iPhone, a Windows laptop, or a Mac computer.

Why Dark Mode Is So Popular

Dark mode didn’t become popular as a dark theme but as the best solution for the screens of smart devices.

As you know, smart device screens emit dozens of colors to display high-resolution graphics.

Colors are harmless, but these have radiations in them.

That’s the reason you could feel strain in your eyes, strong headaches, and other disturbances.

So, how should you prevent it?

Statistics say the dark mode can cut up to 60% of these radiations, bring down the high-tone colors by more than half, and heals your eyes.

Isn’t it great?

You could avoid gradually losing your vision and instead, get better visibility on the devices. Currently, dark mode is very popular for WordPress website design. You will find multiple dark-mode plugins in the WordPress plugin store.

However, you can use the advanced dark mode plugin called Darklup. It has lots of essential features for the dark mode customization of your website.

Moreover, the dark mode can-

  • Reduce high-brightness & high-contrast lights to the minimum
  • Increase readability with an eye-comforting interface
  • Provide a serene vision that calms your mind
  • Saves device battery power
  • Gives a majestic look to your device screen

If we are to go into the details, the dark mode has more than one reason to capture people’s hearts in just a second.

Reduce high-brightness & high-contrast lights

It’s related to the first topic.

The dark mode can lower your display’s brightness & contrast to a minimum that isn’t harmful to the eyes.

It’s done by replacing all the whites with dark shades that aren’t illuminated enough.

Eyes can rest while viewing movies or browsing websites in this dark mode.

Increase readability

It happens a lot when you try to focus on a topic on the smart devices, but can’t because too many lights are disturbing your vision.

Dark mode interfaces have fewer lights that prevent you from losing your focus and training for a long time.

Saves device battery power

It’s a proven fact that the dark mode can save battery power up to 50% based on the configuration of the smart devices.

Devices with OLED screens can save the maximum battery power while other devices can go up to 4% savings which are insignificant.

More battery power means a longer engagement time.

We made enough sense of why should you choose the dark mode in 2021. Now, let’s get into the main topic.

How to Turn On Dark Mode on Smart Devices

Most of the smart devices these days have integrated dark mode features that you can access easily.

The type of devices are-

These are the most used devices that have integrated dark mode features for general usage.

Other than these devices, some popular applications have made this feature public.

  • Chrome
  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Twitter
  • Firefox
  • Twitch
  • Discord

Actually, the list of applications is huge, and it’s going to take a long article to fit all of them into one.

That benign said, let’s see how to turn on dark mode in smart devices.

Windows 10

It’s actually very easy to turn on dark mode in Windows 10. There’s a shortcut that will take you directly into the settings, and you don’t have to look into things to find it.


Just get into your computer’s screen, right-click in an open space to bring up the short menu, and click the option named “Personalize”.

Turn On Dark Mode

With that, you will go directly into the Personalize tab under the Settings menu.

From there, go to the second section named Colors and you will find the dark mode option named Dark there.

Click it and your Windows 10 will turn into dark mode.

Without the shortcut, you would have to through several steps before you reach the option.

Android 10 (or higher)

Android 10 or higher has integrated dark mode with almost all devices on the market. Most of them have the same settings to enable the dark mode from system settings.

Other than Androids, MIUI systems have taken the same approach where you can turn on dark mode from quick navigation or from settings. Let’s see both methods.

Drag the Quick Navigation bar down on your Android device and just swipe over to find the dark mode switch. Once you got it, click it to initiate the Turn On Dark Mode.

Or, you can go to Settings> Display> and see the dark mode on top of the options list. The option could also be inside the Themes menu in the settings tab.

iOS version 13 (or higher)

For iOS, the interface is pretty similar to Android to turn on the dark mode feature.

Like before, go to the settings> Display & Brightness

You will find the dark more switch under the Appearance menu there. Click it to activate the dark mode in iOS smart devices.

Of course, you can also access this option through the quick navigation menu.

MAC 10.14 (or higher)

Smart devices like mac have the dark mode feature a bit deeper into the settings. You have to scoop it up by going through several options.

Go to the Apple menu and then click on the System Preferences option. Then select the General Control Panel options from there. Here, you will find the dark mode option named Dark under the Appearance section.

Final Verdict

Whether you’re an Android enthusiast, an Apple aficionado, or a Windows devotee, these methods should have helped you transform your bright screen into a soothing dark display. Remember, using dark mode not only contributes to a more comfortable visual experience but also helps in maintaining your eye health and sleep quality.

As the world of technology continues to evolve, we anticipate seeing even more advanced features designed for our convenience and wellbeing. Make sure you stay connected with our blog for more tech tips and guides in the future.

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