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How To Enable WordPress Dark Mode? (No Coding Required)

Having dark mode on your website seems cool, right?  What about your WordPress Website? Are you building it using light mode or enabling dark mode?

Dark mode recently became a trend but also it has some more benefits that can help your WordPress website be more user-friendly. Your WordPress website will get a more sleek design and offer your users a more comfortable browsing experience. Apart from that you can enable WordPress dark mode without any coding knowledge.  

So let’s know how to enable WordPress dark mode. 

How Dark Mode Helps to Improve Website Usability?

There are actually a couple of advantages of adding dark mode. But the first thing about dark mode which catches the user is the on-trend demand and attractive appearance.

Dark mode offers several advantages that contribute to improved website usability. Let’s dive into some key reasons why it has become a sought-after feature among websites that stay longer on your site.

1. Reduced Eye Strain

The contrasting colors provided by dark mode lessen the overall brightness, making it easier for users to read and navigate through your website. This feature is especially beneficial for users who spend prolonged periods in front of screens, promoting a more comfortable browsing experience.

2. Enhanced Visual Hierarchy

Dark backgrounds help to create an aesthetic contrast on the screen to please the user. It helps to focus the important information, such as headlines and calls-to-action thus it catches the user’s attention and helps to increase the overall engagement on your website.

 3. Extended Battery Life

Using dark mode on WordPress sites can actually reduce power consumption. When you switch to dark mode, especially on phones with fancy screens like OLED or AMOLED, your battery gets a breather. Darker color helps to use your website longer.

Setup Dark Mode with Darklup 

So, to get the benefits of dark mode you have to know How To Enable WordPress Dark Mode first. You will find different dark mode plugins to enable dark mode to your WordPress website. Among them, we have picked one of the best and will guide you to set up dark mode to your website using that. 

Enable WordPress Dark Mode

To enable dark mode to your website you can use Darklup – Advanced Dark Mode Plugin for WordPress that will provide you the easiest customization and advanced features.

Install and Activate Darklup

Go to the Plugin section from your WordPress site dashboard and type Darklup in the search bar and install it. After the installation process is done you have to activate this plugin simply by pressing the activate button. 

Enable WordPress Dark Mode

Enable Dark Mode

When the plugin is activated, open Darklup from the sidebar of your dashboard and you will enter into Darklup home. Go to the Advanced Setting option, here you will get many options to enable dark mode per your wish..

When you turn on Enable Frontend Dark mode you will get a button on the bottom right corner of your WordPress site to switch between light and dark mode. 

From the Advanced Setting, you can also turn on Enable Dashboard Dark mode which will allow dark mode on your dashboard also. 

Well! Here is another mentionable point. When you are enabling Frontend Dark mode your users will get default light mode on the screen but they can switch to dark mode using the button. Darklup here allows you to make dark mode as default. For this, you have to turn on Dark Mode as Default button. 

This is not the end! You will find many other customization options while scrolling down in the Advanced Setting section like: 

  • WordPress Backend Dark mode.
  • OS Aware Dark Mode.
  • Time-Based Dark Mode.
  • WordPress Automatic Dark Mode.

Use Preset Color

Darklup offers you 12 different preset color options to enhance your website user interface. You can choose any preset frontend colors from the Color Setting section as follows: 

Color Setting> Preset> Frontend color preset

Enable WordPress Dark Mode

Customize the Switch Style

Darklup allows you to customize the switch that appears on the user interface to switch between dark and light modes. 

Go to Switch Style and you will get many options to choose the style of the switch, position, dimensions, color etc. 

If you are using the pro version, you will get many more functions and be able to create your website in your way with Darklup.

Final Words

Enabling dark mode on your WordPress site can level up the appearance of your site. Also, your user will get a better interface. Most importantly, users will be able to spend more time browsing your site without any eye strain.  

Dark mode not only makes your site cool but also adds more features and helps to gain more visitors. 

And, remember, you don’t need to have any coding knowledge to enable it. With just a few clicks, you can enable night mode and create a vibe to your user’s browsing experience. So go on, let your site rock with Darklup. 

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