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Google’s New Amazing Dark Mode Comforts Your Sore Eyes

Google’s new dark mode search box has been the topic of the day for the past couple of weeks.

As it happens, major brands like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook are also bringing dark mode interfaces for the users. Truth is, the demanding netizens caused the brands to implement this feature on a whim.

People have loved dark mode since the ‘80s. It removes eye strain by reducing the brightness & contrast of the display. Readers can now spend a long time on web pages and the activity increases at night.

With the websites adopting the dark mode feature, you can visualize rapid improvement in the conversion rate.

At least Google made its first step. That’s right! People now can access the dark mode feature in Google web search as well as inside the Google Chrome browser.

Right now, we are going to emphasize Google’s new dark mode feature and we’ll also share some good news about the WordPress default dark mode interface. It’s two birds in stone!

Grab your coffee cause we have a long conversation going on.

Google’s First Dark Mode Web Search Interface


After several months of practice, Google finally reveals its new amazing dark mode interface for web searches. It’s not yet a global change and in fact, only a few users were able to experience this feature first hand.


Dark Mode Web Search Interface


Luckily, we got a glimpse of the new dark mode feature provided by Google. At first, it came as a popup notification once a user entered the browser. It will inform you about the dark mode theme and ask you to turn it on.


Google’s remarkable


Later, you could find the dark mode inside the settings tab under the page.

While Google claims it is a test drive and certain people got lucky to try it out, they are slowly rolling out the feature for all the users. Very soon you are about to enjoy Google’s remarkable dark mode interface.

Once made into public, you can switch between dark, light, or system default setting for your browser.

Dark Mode Is Available For Chrome Users

While the dark mode feature became the most hyped topic in the community, Google made another leap by adding a dark mode setting in Google Chrome. Now the world’s most popular browser has got the most wanted feature.

Before, you had to go for the incognito mode to activate Chrome’s dark mode interface. It was a good experience for the people that enjoyed the low contrast display.



As the algorithm advanced, you can unlock dark mode from the customization option on the display. You need to click the Customize Chrome button at the bottom to open the setting. Users may also get the notification to turn on Chrome’s dark mode.

While Google embraced the dark mode technology successfully, what about the websites? As a site owner, you must want a dark mode theme for your website. For a regular website, that may not be easy.

However, WordPress has already got the dark mode feature. By using the Darklup Dark Mode plugin, you can apply dark mode on WordPress websites. Darklup is the most comprehensive dark mode plugin to empower your site’s conversion rate.

Do you want to learn more about it? Let’s get a brief introduction to Darklup WordPress dark mode plugin.

Get Darklup To Make A Sensational WordPress Dark Mode Theme

Right now, people are talking about the dark mode feature every second. After Google’s reveal, the daily search volume exceeds 1 million and it’s rising. Now every major platform is looking for a way to introduce dark mode in their systems. However, WordPress is ahead in the competition.


Dark Mode


Darklup Dark Mode is the most efficient plugin for initiating WordPress default dark mode. People just loved this plugin and it has been downloaded more than a hundred times in a day. It updates regularly with more features coming through.

Darklup creates the best dark mode interface that helps readers maintain their focus on your page. You can actually see rapid changes in your site like reduced bounce rate, increased conversion rate, comfortable reading experience.

Just the intro sounds so fun and we haven’t even talked about the features. Let’s see a couple of features below-

  • OS-Based Color Mode
  • Dark mode Elementor, Gutenberg, Visual Composer widgets
  • Include/Exclude WooCommerce Products
  • Automatic mode or default dark mode
  • Frontend & Backend dark mode switch
  • Dark Mode font size kit
  • Time-based Dark Mode option
  • Shortcode integration for WordPress
  • Custom color setting for full website
  • Dark Mode image support
  • 12+ Exclusive switch style
  • 12+ Exclusive Readymade color schemes
  • Remember last time mode
  • Site Logo in Dark Mode
  • Dark Mode Switch in Menu
  • Custom CSS editor


Exclusive WooCommerce Dark Mode Integration Others Yet To Achieve


Dark Mode Integration


It’s good news for online marketers on WooCommerce. Darklup dark mode can turn your WooCommerce website into a fine-looking webs store with a pitch-black interface. It significantly increases the sale up to 5 times the regular amount. Shocking, right!

While this feature is a top-secret recipe, Darklup steps ahead in the competition based on that.


The Dark Mode Trend Just Begins

The best way to get a foothold in the online marketplace is to follow the trend hard. Google has proven this point by introducing its dark mode technology.

Whatever it is, dark mode is now a trend that keeps igniting more people towards it. Almost every website, you will find dark mode switches around the corner to keep you busy. The eyes won’t hurt anymore from staring too long on the display.

Now, fewer people have to visit the doctor and they can spend more time around your website. Subsequently, you get to score a higher conversion rate overnight.

Just grab Darklup for your website and enjoy the benefits.

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