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5 Easy Steps to Enable Dark Mode for WordPress

What is Dark Mode for WordPress? There is a lot of talk regarding Dark Mode right now, but what exactly is Dark Mode?

Dark Mode for WordPress is an extension that helps you to change the colors of a device or a website to a darker shade.

Browsers, website’s theme or builders and many other applications have default dark mode options. Many devices, depending on the user’s browser setting, support Dark Mode natively, so you can automatically add it to your website. But the main thing is that the default one has less functionalities to adorn a WordPress site. The easiest way to install Dark Mode for WordPress is to use a plugin that enables you to modify the look of your site in Dark Mode.

If you want to enjoy a huge amount of facilities regarding dark mode then you need to choose a perfect dark mode plugin like Darklup Dark mode plugin. Are you worried about enabling dark mode in your WordPress? This article will be very helpful for you.

Let’s go for details.

Get The Most Workable Plugin to Add Dark Mode for WordPress.

The best way to activate dark mode for WordPress website is to add an efficient plugin that services all the purposes regarding dark mode. As you will customize and access all dark mode related functions according to your need while using a plugin.

Now it’s time to make the right decision to select a suitable plugin for your website. 

You must think about the efficiency and flexibility of a plugin. In this fact, Darklup Dark Mode plugin will be the perfect one for you. As it provides all highly demanded features an allows you to enable the functions that you are searching for.

How to enable Dark Mode for WordPress?

To add a dark mode plugin in your WordPress website, the first and most important thing is selection of a perfect and feasible dark mode plugin. And the fact is there is an efficient plugin named Darklup dark mode for WordPress plugin that will help you maintain a suitable dark shade for your website’s both backend and frontend section.

Follow the given 5 steps to enable dark mode plugin in your WordPres website.


Step #1

To use the plugin, first go to Darklup’s website and purchase the pro version.Get the specified license key and download the plugin’s zipped file.

Go to Plugins and select Add New from your dashboard. A button for the Upload Plugin can be found. That button should be clicked.


Step #2

Click on Browse  and upload the zipped file of the plugin.

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Step #3

After uploading the file click on Install Now.

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Step #4

When your installation process is done, the system will ask for activation of the plugin. So, activate the plugin.

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Step #5

After completing the activation process you will get a tab of Darklup. Click on the tab and provide your collected license key and email.

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The overall activation process 0f Darklup dark mode plugin is completed. Now you can access all its features from settings.

Dark mode for WordPress -darklup final tab - 6

The above process or steps are for the pro Darklup dark mode plugin.


How to enable the free version of Darklup Dark Mode Plugin?

Step #1

Get the plugin from WordPress.org and add it to your dashboard. Else go to the Plugins >> Add New  search the plugin by name and you will find DarklupLite.

Dark mode for WordPress -darklup free version - 7.1

Step #2

After completing installation, activate the plugin.

Dark mode for WordPress -darklup free version activate plugin - 7.2

Once finishing the installation and activation process you can see a tab of Darklup. Click on the tab and have averall access to this plugin with free features.

The Most Recommended Dark Mode Plugin

Darklup dark mode for WordPress plugin is an efficient plugin and the most important thing is the plugin is not only workable for frontend users but also provide all functionalities for backend users. Its highly demanding features allow you to make a website with a perfect dim color that can balance with the overall color scheme of a website. Content readability can be improved using a proper dark mode color. Prevent eye strains, headaches, dry eyes, and other health problems.

As a user and for the reasons mentioned above make me recommend the Darklup Dark Mode plugin is the most feasible plugin that i have ever used.


Final Word

Darklup dark mode plugin for WordPress proved a very useful plugin. As it removes all issues for using a bright screen and also it increases the conversion rate of a website. Now visitors feel comfortable reading the content of the website because they can turn ON the dark mode whenever they need it. So, all I can say is that dark mode is very useful.

Make your a website that can provide a friendly environment with a perfect color contrast in dark mode. That will boost your business and create a positive vibe on traffic and conversion rate.


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