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Enable Dark Mode With Custom CSS Support (Step-by-Step)

Currently, dark mode is one of the fascinating functions of any kind of website. It might be a WordPress website or any other website.

Because the website visitors like dark mode features for multiple reasons. This feature significantly improves the user experience. Also, it’s highly beneficial for our eye health.

For that reason, dark mode took the place of the trend of website development.

As a WordPress website owner, you might want to customize the dark mode in your own way. That’s why Darklup has a custom CSS support function. 

You might find multiple dark-mode plugins in the WordPress plugin store. 

Darklup plugin can provide you with this independent and advanced CSS support dark mode customization feature for your WordPress site.

In this article, we are going to discuss how you can easily tailor your WordPress website’s dark mode with the help of custom CSS support. 

So let’s get started

How To Optimize Dark Mode With Darklup’s Custom CSS Support: Step By Step Guide

Generally, CSS is a basic programming language that is essential to modify your WordPress website structure and elements.

When we turn on dark mode on our WordPress website it automatically turns down all the existing colors of the website. 

So, we don’t have any choice in our hands to use our desired color in dark mode.

Here, the Darklup custom CSS support plays a crucial role. It provides flexible benefits to the user. Users can independently change the color of their website wherever they want. 

Are you thinking enabling custom CSS support in dark mode is a very difficult task?

No worries, it’s a very simple process.

Just stay with us. We are going to give you the easiest step-by-step guide to enable and customize dark mode with custom CSS support.

Step 1 – Install The Premium Version of Darklup

So, first, you need to install and activate the premium Darklup plugin.

Go to Your WordPress Dashboard > Plugins > Add Plugins > Upload Plugin.

add new plugin

Now choose your purchased premium plugin from your device storage. Upload the plugin.

how to active the wordpress  plugin

You have installed Darklup on your WordPress website. Now activate the plugin.

Well, your Darklup premium version is ready to use. Now you can access all the premium features of Darklup. 

Step 2 – Customize Dark Mode With Custom CSS Support

The time has come to set up the dark mode with custom CSS support. Basically, custom CSS is often used for customizing the color of specific elements of your WordPress website in dark mode.

In the Darklup dashboard, you will find the “Custom CSS Setting”.

Custom CSS Setting

Now go to your WordPress site’s specific page where you want to implement custom CSS.

Suppose we want to customize the color of this page through custom CSS. After turning on the dark mode, the page looks like this.

dark mode

Now we are going to customize it through the CSS code. Turn on the inspect mode of the page through your browser. It will open up a CSS code interface.

CSS code interface.

You can choose a specific section of your webpage and edit elements like background color, border color, etc easily. For example, we have changed the color of the chosen section from dark black to blue.

So, we edited the background color CSS code.

After editing the Custom CSS code you need to copy it. Now paste the code into the Darklup > Custom CSS function.

Custom CSS function.

Check the code that you pasted. Finally, click on “Save Settings” to save the code for the dark mode interface.

As you can see the color is changed in the dark mode version.

Was that a very difficult or complex process for you?

I think it’s the easiest process for customizing the dark mode through custom CSS support.

Final Words

No one can assure that the dark mode matched the design of websites in the world.

Sometimes it can’t be matched with the color of a website. As a result, it might look imperfect.

In this situation, custom CSS support can be an efficient option. Because it will help the user to edit specific portion colors of the WordPress website with code. So it’s necessary to know how to use this function effectively.

In this article, we have discussed how to easily customize the dark mode interface with Darklup’s custom CSS support system.

We hope this feature will be beneficial for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Which is the best WordPress dark mode plugin?

Darklup is the best WordPress dark mode plugin available in the plugin store.

Q. Why does Darklup’s custom CSS support dark mode is effective?

Darklup’s custom CSS support dark mode is effective because you can properly change the color of each section of your website with this function.

Q. What is custom CSS in WordPress?

Custom CSS code is mainly used for editing and optimizing the color of a WordPress website. 

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