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Darklup - WP Dark Mode

Darklup WP Dark Mode Update Alert! Let’s Take a Look at The New Version 2.0.9

Your favorite dark mode plugin, Darklup WP Dark Mode has come up with some new and fresh features and improvements under the hood. Bringing you the brand new update version 2.0.9.


We thank all of our subscribers and users and appreciate them for supporting us all the way and hope this support continues with a growing community and trust.


What’s New In Darklup v2.0.9 Update?


Darklup, a powerful dark mode plugin for your WordPress site that gives you the best reading experience at night time. Ensuring complete comfort for the eyes of the users, Darklup can have a positive impact on your site’s traffic and conversion rate.

For the record, Darklup WP Dark Mode is not just a switch that you turn on or off for enabling and disabling dark mode on your site.

It has more amazing options and features inside. Which will give you the utmost power to make your website more user friendly and charming to the eye.

Darklup WP Dark Mode is under constant development, making sure that it serves what it’s meant to in the best way possible.

The new Darklup Wp Dark Mode version 2.0.9 has brought a couple of interesting and useful features for giving a better overall experience.

The new features include image color filtering, usage analytics and switch animation.

Besides, it has gotten a performance boost and some bug fixes as well. So let’s get right into the details and check out how the features work.


NOTE: If you haven’t yet subscribed to a premium plan, then check out the pricing and buy a Darklup WP Dark Mode pro plan of your choice and enjoy the new update.

If you want to check out the free version before going ahead with any purchases then feel free to try the DarklupLite – WP Dark Mode plugin first.


Image Filtering Option in Image Settings


The new image effects option now enables you to change how your site images look when you switch on the dark mode.

Dark Mode Image Effects

Show Image Effects


To get started, simply Navigate to “IMAGE SETTINGS” and on that page you will see the “Show Image Effects” option switch.

Just click on that and you will be presented with 5 different options to explore and customize your image visuals.

Show Image Effects

Image Effects Options for Customization


You can change the “Grayscale”, “Brightness”, “Contrast”, “Opacity” and “Sepia” options to make your desired changes to your site images.

There is also a preview image effects window on the right site that shows changes in real-time while the options are being adjusted.

Cool, isn’t it? This option has been requested by many of our clients over the time through feature requests. So, we felt really excited to develop this into the Darklup plugin.

How is It Useful?


As a matter of fact, this option will come in really handy for you if you have super bright or good amount of bright images that do not lower down in brightness when the dark mode is active.

Those images might hurt the eyes even after the dark mode is enabled. But thanks to this awesome feature that makes it possible to change the color of any and every image of your WordPress website.

You can make all of your site images look and feel the same way in the dark mode along with maintaining maximum comfort of readability.

Give your users the power to make their sites completely eye pleasing, ensuring a better experience with this amazing new feature.


Switch Animation for Front-end


A new option called “Switch Animation” has been included in the “Switch Styles” section of the Darklup plugin settings page.


WP Dark Mode Switch Styles

Switch Animation


The way it works is, enabling this option makes the darklup toggle-switch to animate for a while in the front-end.

There are several animation styles you can choose from and also get a live preview in the preview window on the right side of the page.

After selecting your preferred animation style, simply click on “SAVE SETTINGS” button and the animation will be activated on the front-end.


Switch Animation Styles

Switch Animation Live Preview


It can be quite useful for the users because sometimes there might be a lot of elements on your site’s pages where you have placed the dark mode button/switch. And, that can make it hard for the users to detect and find out the button/toggle-switch.

So by enabling this feature you can make the button animate for a while so that the user’s eyes can detect the button quickly and start using it.

Besides, a little animation adds a good impression of your site as well. So, this new feature is waiting for you to try it out, make your dark mode button/ switch wiggle.


Usage Analytics Report


This next new feature enables you to see how many of your users or what percentage of users are actually using the darklup dark mode plugin actively on your site.


Dark Mode Usage Analytics

Usage Analytics settings page


To get to the option, simply navigate to the Darklup Wp Dark Mode settings page and at the very bottom you will see the “USAGE ANALYTICS” option.

On the right side, click on the “Enable Analytics?” toggle and turn it on. Under that you will see 4 different options. They are,


Dashboard Widget:

Enabling this option shows an analytics graph on the dashboard of your WordPress admin panel. Which looks like this,

Email Reporting

 Dashboard Widget


This graph will show the usage statistics of Darklup WP Dark Mode on your website.


Analytics Duration:

Here you can select the duration of the analytics report you want to see. You can choose either 7 days or 30 days of duration.


Email Reporting:

Enabling this option will send an email report of the usage analytics to your inbox. The report will be in a tabular format.


Reporting Frequency:

Here you can choose whether you want to get a usage report email on a  weekly or monthly basis.


NOTE: Darklup WP Dark Mode version 2.0.9 now comes with compatibility support for WordPress 5.9. The overall plugin performance has been improved resulting in smoother performance and some minor bugs have been fixed as well.


Stay Tuned to Darklup WP Dark Mode for More Feature Updates


We hope that the new features will add more value to your experience using Darklup WP Dark Mode plugin.

We are constantly working on the product to give more to our users and ensure a better and improved user experience overall. With your continued support we have gotten this far and we hope to have you with us ahead in the future too.

Do not forget to update your plugin to the latest version (v2.0.9) and enjoy the newly added features of Darklup WP Dark Mode.




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