Whats new in Darklup 2.0.4 version! Update Alert - Darklup

Whats new in Darklup 2.0.4 version! Update Alert

Darklup has been growing constantly as more people have shown their love & care for this special dark mode plugin. To celebrate our achievements, we have added new features to boost the efficiency of this plugin by several folds.

What’s New In Darklup 2.0.4 Update?

As you already know, Darklup is the best dark mode plugin for WordPress. This tool can replace your plain website interface with a stunning dark version interface.

It easily removes the very bright white backgrounds and places serene dark interfaces all around the website.

Darklup has been on constant upgrade, making it more than just a dark mode switcher. Now, it’s your ultimate choice of bringing out the charm of your website in 1 click.

Presenting the new Darklup 2.0.4 version. We’ve done a major overhaul this time, improving the total capabilities of Darklup beyond what was before. Not only that, we rearranged Darklup’s whole control panel and made it simpler, easier, and efficient.


With the new version, you will get faster reaction time, awesome features, and new color maps for the dark mode. Surprisingly, the plugin has shrunk a bit due to some special techniques behind the core code structure.

Now Darklup is faster, lighter, and more advanced. Let me explain what’s the features of this new exciting version.


Floating Switch Preview on Plugin Back-end

It was one of our customers who asked us to add a floating switch preview window inside Darklup’s dashboard. As you have guessed, this is one of the handiest features you could ever want for the new Darklup 2.0.4 version update.

Normally, you had to choose a floating switch, save the changes, and go to your main page to see how the switch looks like. It’s an annoying process for our dear customers and we felt it too.


Floating Switch Preview
Floating Switch Preview


That’s why Darklup version 2.0.4 has a floating switch preview window inside the Switch Styles tab.

Now you can see the floating switch live in the preview box and feel how it looks on the live page.


Note that the preview window has an animation effect that shows the floating switch by turning it on and off inside the window. It saves your time to look into what the switch looks like in both the light mode & dark mode.

3 New Accessibility Switch Added

Every time we update Darklup into a fresh new version, we don’t forget to add new switch styles. These switches can match your website’s theme as well as your style concept.


Accessibility Switch
Accessibility Switch


You will find these new switches under the Switch Styles tab inside the Darklup dashboard. You can select any to preview it on the live preview window on your right.

Do you remember the accessibility switch we came up with as a multi-functional dark mode switch in Darklup 2.0.3? It works as a dark mode trigger as well as a font customizer. Many of you wanted to know about it in detail. So, there you go.



The switch style is located at the same place where we stored all the switch styles together.

Just go to the WordPress Dashboard> Darklup> Switch Style and you will be able to see it alongside a zoom level selector option.




We already have it on our Darklup website. The top button turns on dark mode and at the same time, the bottom one triggers the site’s font magnification. Go ahead and try it now!


Floating Switch Size & Position Metrics

Since Darklup had a constant switch size, users couldn’t scale it up as they wanted before. With the new Darklup 2.0.4 update, you will get a dedicated switch scaling option to increase/decrease the dark mode switch style while maintaining the size ratio automatically.


Additionally, the new switch position metrics are quite helpful to rearrange the placement of the dark mode switch on your website. With the new Switch Margin option, you can offset the initial switch position easily as you prefer.

The margin unit is given in both pixels and percentage value. That means you can use margin with a custom pixel value or the percentage value of the current page.



These options are located inside the Switch Styles section. You have to scroll a little bit down to see them.

Note: switch size ratio is an automatic function that prevents the switch from breaking apart.


Trigger Dark Mode between Pages, Posts, and Categories

Many of you requested a specific dark mode feature that can trigger only in the selected posts, pages, & categories. Of course, not every page or post needs the dark mode button as they might look good on their own.

But, Darklup acts as a global switch for these pages, and turning it on means all the pages going to have dark mode features. That seems trouble, isn’t that?

Well, no more!



With the new dark mode triggers, you can keep dark mode only on the selected pages or remove dark mode from the given pages. It also works for posts & categories. Go to dashboard> Darklup> Trigger Settings to find these options.


Exclude Selected WooCommerce Products & Categories

On the Darklup 2.0.4 update, we have added new controls for WooCommerce websites. Although dark mode looks so good on your website, some WooCommerce product or pages doesn’t really suit it.

So, to cope with that, we arranged dark mode include & exclude functions for WooCommerce products & categories.

Now, you can choose where to apply dark mode in a WooCommerce website and where not.



Find these include/exclude fields in the WooCommerce section under the Darklup plugin tab on your WordPress dashboard.

Remember, Darklup has been integrated with WooCommerce for maximum compatibility support.


Default Dark Mode

This one’s fun. Until now, you had to turn on the dark mode manually whenever you needed this feature on your website. We know how annoying it is to go through the same thing each time you want to go for the dark mode.

That’s the reason why Darklup now comes with a default switch integrated into its system. Turn it on and you will get to enjoy the dark mode features as soon as you access your website.



Just go to Dashboard> Darklup> Advanced Settings and turn on the default switcher. Easy!

Now, your website will have a default mind-blowing dark mode version. No more headaches!


Now You Can Customize Floating Switch More

With the new floating switch styles, Darklup also came with some new controls for the switch. Now, you customize the dark mode switches with Tooltip and Color Customization more easily and effectively. Just look for the options below the switch styles to find these controls



The tooltip is a new addition to Darklup that can show any specific detail about the plugin or any feature you want.

First, you need to activate the ‘Show Tooltip?’ button and then type the tooltip text in the text field.

You can put any colors on the tooltip for the text and the background. Also, you may change the font size that will show up in a zoomed dark mode view (using the featured floating switch).



Right below, you can see the custom switch color function button. Turning it on will reveal a bunch of color options for the floating switch. This covers switch background, text, icon, icon plate, and some more color options.


These options work for the dark mode also. Meaning, you can place custom colors for the dark mode version of the page. With that, the floating switch is ready to be transformed completely.


Text Color Match Any Themes

Darklup can integrate with thousands of themes including the very best ones on the market. We have made the plugin to match the dark mode text color with the theme you are using on your website for your inconvenience.


Not only that, you can switch text color from the theme settings and Darklup will integrate with the changes. Surprised? It’s just the tip of the iceberg 😎.

Upcoming Features That Make Darklup Supreme

Darklup is a product of our love and appreciation and we don’t want to stop its growth. Instead, we are giving our all to improve this plugin with more spirit and will be doing that in the future. Just now, we gave you details on the new features that will enhance your web experience with the Darklup dark mode plugin. But, we have more features on our sleeve that will be coming soon.

In the next update, Darklup will have-

  • More color schemes for you
  • New switch styles
  • Bug fixing and code structure improvement

Enjoy Darklup- The Best Dark Mode Plugin

Slowly but surely we are sprouting. Since we made Darklup into public, we got overwhelming responses from the community with love & support.

Due to all the positive energy we received, our goal has changed from being a plugin to be the world’s number one dark mode plugin for WordPress. As Darklup getting famous day by day, we are happy to slowly reach our goal.

Now, we just need your support. Let us change your web viewing experience into a whole different kind of hypnotic dark mode interface.

Don’t fall behind. Get Markup and win the dark mode trend now!


Mehrin Ferdous is a full-time Content Writer at WPCommerz. Her specialized content writing sectors are WordPress, WooCommerce, digital marketing, etc. In free time she loves listening to music and reading books.

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