Darklup 3.1.0 Got Updated With Multiple Exclusive Features - Darklup
Darklup 3.1.0 Got Updated With Multiple Exclusive Features

Darklup 3.1.0 Got Updated With Multiple Exclusive Features

Darklup is becoming more efficient and advanced day by day with mesmerizing new updates. We know as a Darklup user, you are always excited to get new updates. Our main priority is to give our customers something new and useful.

In this article, we are going to discuss all the new features and fixed issues in this latest Darklup 3.1.0 version.

📢 What’s New In The Lastest Darklup 3.1.0 Version

There is no doubt that DarklupLite is one of the prominent and powerful dark mode plugins that are available in the WordPress store.  

In our latest Darklup 3.1.0 version we have added some beneficial features that will help you to make your WordPress website visually appealing. 

  • Dyna mic Dark Mode – This premium and the advanced feature will automatically detect the website color and implement dark mode.
  • Customize Darken Intensity – Also, you can freely reduce or increase the intensity level of dark mode.
  • Advanced Background Image Overlay – This advanced feature will allow you to add an overlay on the background image of your website.

By the way, the new version of Darklup becomes more user-friendly. The accuracy of the dark mode optimization has become more effective.

Are you interested to know more about these lucrative features?

So, what’s the delay? 

Let’s explore the new features.

✳️ Advanced Dynamic Function on Color Setting

Well, the “Dynamic Dark Mode” feature is our most exclusive and unique feature for our users. The dynamic dark mode feature is optimized based on an intelligent and smart algorithm.

It will automatically analyze the user’s website structure and implement dark mode without creating any color and visibility issues on the website design.

After updating the plugin, you will see a new option added called “Dynamic” in the color setting.

Advanced Dynamic Function on Color Setting

Our previous version of Darklup had some minor issues with changing the color of the WordPress website. 

After applying the dark mode, some users faced disorientation in the color and the text of their website.

But the latest Darklup does not contain such kind of issues at all. The algorithm will automatically adjust the website color in dynamic dark mode.

Generally, the dark mode plugins change multiple background colors of the website into simple dark mode. 

before dynamic setting

But as you know the dynamic mode is more advanced. It automatically detects the design of the website and applies dark mode based on that.

after dynamic setting

As you can see, the dynamic dark mode does not change the main branding color of the website.

✳️ Customize Dark Mode Intensity Level

Along with the dynamic dark mode feature, we also included another effective feature called “Dark Mode Intensity”. It’s a premium feature. After purchasing the plugin, you can use this feature. 

Every individual has different tastes and demands. 

Everyone wants to use the dark mode feature in their own way. So, we implemented this unique feature in our Darklup.

You will easily find this feature in the bottom section of the “Dynamic” option.

dark mode intensity

You can change the value to increase or decrease the intensity of the dark mode on your WordPress website. The difficult value is 80. 

Customize Dark Mode Intensity Level

As you can see the featured brand logos are almost invisible in the 80 intensity level. 

So, now we are going to reduce the intensity level of the dynamic mode. Let’s see how it looks.

Customize Dark Mode Intensity Level

We have reduced the dark mode intensity level to 65. Now the dark black background of this webpage turns gray. Also, the invisible logos are more clearly visible.

Doesn’t it look more promising?

So the dark mode intensity level adjustment is efficient for optimizing the images of your website. 

Through this adjustment level, you can easily improve the visibility of most of the images on your website. You might not need to replace any images on your website.

At the end of the day, it will make your website more visually appealing to your target audiences.

✳️ Background Image Overlay Option

Along with the dynamic dark mode, we also have an effective option called “Background image overlay”.

This option is especially efficient for image optimization when the dark mode feature is enabled.

We know that the website functionality not only improves the user experience. You must make your website visually appealing. 

Otherwise, visitors will leave your website without spending enough time.

However, when you enable this option, it will automatically optimize all the background images of your WordPress website. It will glorify the appearance of your website’s background images.

You can find this feature on the following path – Darklup dashboard > Filter Elements.

For example, the background image overlay option is disabled on our website.

This is how the background images appear on our website during dark mode.

Background Image Overlay Option

As you can see, some of the text on your webpage is invisible. Because the background image remains unoptimized. After enabling the dark mode, images make the text almost invisible.

Let’s see how it looks after turning on the background image overlay option.

Well, now the text is visible. Basically, this function adds a transparent shade over the images of your website. As a result, it improves the overall look of the entire website.

By the way, if you want you can disable this option for any specific image of your website.

With the help of “Exclude Background Image Overlay” you can easily do that.

➡️ Should You Choose Darklup For Your WordPress Website ?

Well, you might find different kinds of WordPress dark mode plugins in the plugin store. Sometimes it can be confusing to choose the right one.

While considering any plugin, you must focus on the availability of features and benefits of that specific plugin. Also, it’s necessary to focus on the overall price of the plugin.

Then the question arises – Why should you choose Darklup 3.1.0?

Along with the latest updated features, Darklup contains lots of pre-existing and high-functioning features.

We will be able to access advanced features like OS-based dark mode. In this function, the plugin will automatically detect the user’s operating system’s current dark/light mode setting and apply dark mode based on that.

Also, you will be able to use a variety of switch styles. You can change the various factors of the switch styles such as switching background color, icon color, text color, border color, etc.

Better image optimization is always essential for any kind of website. So Darklup has a special called “image setting”.

By the way, there are numerous types of features that will help you in multiple ways.

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