Is WordPress Dark Mode Plugin better than browser extensions?

Is WordPress Dark Mode Plugin better than browser extensions?

Dark mode is a new aptitude for solving bright screen-related problems. Nowadays, dark mode is very popular and vastly used for Android phones, Microsoft Outlook, Reddit, YouTube, Gmail, Pocket, Reddit, Safari, and Apple’s Mojave operating system.

Because of its advantages and eye-pleasing view, it can take a demanding place.

All leading operating systems, browsers, etc. fully support dark mode themes. Many dark-mode plugins have been launched for websites as well.

Now we are going to talk about WordPress Dark Mode Plugin and browser extension.

Dark Mode On Chrome

Dark mode is much preferable for users because of its feasible benefits. It will provide an elegant working and reading experience.

Let’s have an eye on the benefits of dark mode.

  • Increase the readability of the screen’s elements
  • Prevent eye strain and provide an eye-pleasing environment.
  • Saves the device’s battery life.
  • Increase conversion rate.
  • Provide incredible designs with dark color schemes.
  • Engage more audience for the website.
  • Creates an amazing look for a website.

What are the WordPress browser extension and Dark Mode Plugin?

When you are thinking about using dark mode for your website, you can use so many available tools for that. You may use dark mode plugins or browser extensions for your website.

Which will be better for you? There can be a confusion for you about dark mode plugins and browsers.

You should choose the one which provides you all the facilities that you desire.

Let’s know more about which tool you should choose to have the best services.

Browser extension:

A browser extension is a small software module for your browser. Extensions can add some web service functionality and features to your browser.

Extensions also can modify the user interface. There are so many extensions for productivity, shopping, games etc.

The extensions provide us bookmark function, online apps web services, cloud storage services, dark mode and so much more. They also block all the ads available for web pages.

Dark mode extension helps you to turn the screen on dark mode. The toolbar button serves you the dark mode ON/OFF button. You can exclude or include any website for having dark mode.

Some dark mode extensions for Google Chrome are:

  • Dark reader.
  • Night Eye.
  • Turn off the lights.
  • Midnight Lizard.
  • Lunar Reader.
  • Dark Night Mode.
  • Just Black and so on.

Though dark mode extensions provide some functionalities, these are not enough to fulfill all dark mode related requirements.

For this reason, plugins for WordPress Dark Mode like Darklup Dark Mode plugin are more preferable as it fulfills all user demands with its huge functionalities.

Dark mode plugins

If you want to create an elegant and good-looking website using dark mode, the Darklup Dark Mode plugin will be the best one for you. It will serve you in every manner and help you to increase your web traffic.

DarklupLite – WP Dark Mode plugin

To make an eye soothing website using dark mode, the Darklup Dark Mode plugin provides so many extraordinary and high demanding features.

This plugin will let you decorate your website with proper balanced color.

Some important features which you need to know for making the perfect decision to choose among the plugin and extensions:

  • Backend Dark mode
  • Automatic mode
  • Floating switch button
  • Re-positioning floating switch
  • OS-based color mode
  • 10+ Exclusive color preset
  • 10+ exclusive switch styles
  • Ready for translation (.pot files included)
  • Frontend dark mode
  • Dark Mode font size kit
  • Dark Color scheme for websites
  • WooCommerce supports dark mode
  • Custom CSS Supported dark mode
  • Dark Mode image support
  • Short code integration
  • Custom Color
  • Time-based dark mode
  • Set button location
  • Switch Background Color
  • Remember last time mode
  • Border Color
  • Image opacity
  • Dark mode switch in the menu
  • Link hover color
  • Select page activation
  • Post activation
  • Exclude Elements
  • Replace Logo in Dark Mode
  • Default Dark Mode
  • Floating Switch Customization Fully Customizable Icon, background, and pallet Color for Switches
  • Text Color matches any theme
  • Switch Tooltip Setting

Take a tour on Darklup’s Website and you can know every detail about the plugin, and it’s pricing.

Why is the Dark Mode plugin many times better than browser extensions?

After this conversation, we can be clear on why Darklup WP night mode plugin is a thousand times better than the browsers extensions.

We have made a comparison table for your better understanding of effective tools for your website. Let’s have a look at it.

Features Darklup Dark Mode PluginBrowser Extensions
Suitable for all websites
Provides a lot of features
Make a proper color balance with all websites.
Image and logo supportive for dark mode
Time based dark mode for automatic dark mode activation
Customize websites with elegant designs
All WordPress theme supportive
Provide Dark Mode by default
Various color choosing and customizing options
Dark mode switch button on different styles
WooCommerce website supportive
Increase visibility in large proportion
All necessary functionalities

You can see in the comparison table, Darklup Dark Mode plugin is far better than the browser extensions. It will meet all of your dark mode related requirements.

It’s better to choose the perfect one for better service and creating a good-looking website to gather more audiences.

From the above discussion, you can have a proper vision of the Dark Mode Plugin. You can go through a smooth journey with Darklup Dark Mode plugin.

This prominent plugin has already gained its popularity and launched the 2.0 version of Dark Mode. Its feasible features will make you realize your right decision on choosing the plugin.

Why delay? Make Darklup WordPress Dark Mode plugin yours and enjoy all of its advantages and functionalities.

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