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Cracked WordPress Plugins

Cracked WordPress Plugins: The Risk is Greater Than You Think in 2023

Are you looking for WordPress dark mode plugins with nulled or cracked versions for your WordPress website?

Well, we think that might be the most foolish and bad decision.

Because the nulled versions can create multiple problems in your WordPress website. First, your website security level will be demolished. 

Also, there are multiple downsides of cracked WordPress plugins such as privacy breakdown, bad SEO performance, customer support issues, etc.

You might get temporary benefits from nulled WordPress plugins. But it can permanently include a variety of problems in your WordPress website.

In this article, we are going to give you a brief idea about how cracked plugins are dangerous for WordPress websites. 

What is Cracked WordPress Plugins?

To put it simply, nulled plugins are pirated copies of premium products of WordPress (plugins and themes) which are spread throughout the internet unethically.

Do you know, GPL is the most famous website to find out the WordPress cracked plugins? They make and redistribute cracked WordPress plugins and defend their work with this statement.

But a sad truth is that nulled software cost companies and original developers a lot of money and resources because of this bad practice.

Not only that, the end users who are getting lured to download and use these cracked WordPress plugins are risking their websites unknowingly most of the time.

Let’s look at some of the reasons why cracked WordPress plugins are always better to be avoided.

Significant Reasons To Stop Using Cracked WordPress Plugins

Are you trying to find the best place to get cracked plugins for your WordPress site?

Just, wait a minute. Let’s know why you should avoid WordPress cracked plugins.


Site Security at Stake


premium products


Now, you don’t want us to tell you the importance of your eCommerce store’s security integrity. It goes without saying that a website that means a lot to you and your business, should be having the best of security measures possible.

So, why do we bring in this topic? Because cracked WordPress plugins are highly likely to be filled with malicious codes. And, they have the potential to pose a serious threat to your site’s security.

Your website is at high risk of getting infected by nasty malware and bugs for continued usage of pirated premium products.

Which can result in complete vulnerability with many backdoors opened for hackers to enter.

These malicious codes cannot be detected as they hide in plain sight disguised as random files.

Not only that but for distributing malware on your site, you may even get de-indexed from Google SERP (Search Engine Results Page) as well.


Say Goodbye to Privacy


malicious codes


Another sensitive matter to consider is the privacy of your website. Because nulled software/premium products have hidden malicious codes embedded inside that collect various information on your site.

They may be username, email address, password, subscriber list, other plugin data of your site, and many more.

This can turn out to be a threat to your online business eCommerce or WooCommerce store.

On the other hand, you will not notice this information/data theft as your website will be running normally as expected.

So beware of this matter and be considerate enough to avoid using premium WordPress plugins with nulled versions.

Website SEO Compromised

premium wordpress plugins nulled

Imagine losing your hard-earned SEO position or score by using nulled software on your WordPress site. Because pirated WordPress plugins can badly affect your website’s SEO performance.

Nulled software or cracked dark-mode plugins have a high chance of spreading spam links all over your website.

Those dangerous links can redirect users to harmful and unwanted sites and steal information from them.

Sad to say but unfortunately this will cost you your SERP position as a penalty.

And that is not even the worst case, because sometimes you may have to start all over again to gain your SEO score back.

You may even have to create a totally new website from scratch.

Cannot Access New Updates


nulled softwares

If you are running a WordPress site of your own then you may already know that most of the WordPress plugins and themes get updates on a regular basis.

These daily updates contain various bug fixes, software stability improvements, security patches, etc.

So when you are using cracked WordPress plugins or nulled products, you are unable to get those updates from the actual author. Because you do not have valid WordPress plugin licensing.

You have to wait for the third-party developer whom you got your cracked premium products from, to release new updates. Now that is a headache for sure.

Most importantly WordPress itself gets many updates frequently and to be able to run all the themes and plugins properly it is required to keep every plugin up to date.

With Cracked WordPress plugins you simply cannot do that. Meanwhile, your website will start misbehaving if the plugins are not compatible with new WordPress updates.

No Developer Support


wordpress plugin licensingAs your WordPress plugin licensing is invalid when it comes to pirated or cracked WordPress plugins, the question of getting support from real authors is out the window.

Even if you are very experienced as a user, you also need proper product documentation and video tutorials, and other support from time to time.

But using the premium WordPress plugins nulled versions, you cannot contact the real developers and ask for help if you need any.

Businesses spend a lot of money to manage and provide support to their paid subscribers. Without a valid product license, you do not get access to any of them.

As nulled software does not have authentic WordPress plugin licenses, you are completely on your own with it.

Discouraging Creativity and Innovation

Premium products come with a price tag because they are the result of the consistent hard work of the developers. Businesses invest money for product development, marketing, and paying developers other than just programming and coding.

That’s why developers and businesses deserve that money for their effort and time. By using cracked WordPress plugins you are simply not giving them their due credits.

You could argue that, as there is GPL that makes WordPress and its derivatives (plugins and themes) open-source and free to use, using nulled premium products is totally fine.

But eventually, this unethical action discourages developers to build quality products because of not getting the proper revenue.

You may be using nulled software to fulfill your purposes but eventually, it affects the developer’s community.

Now you can picture the scenario of how cracked WordPress plugins affect not only yourself but also businesses.

Sum Up!

Even though getting your hands on premium products at no cost sounds fun, it comes with tons of problems and risks.

You are letting hackers and malicious codes mess with your website’s security, performance, and safety. You absolutely do not want that if you are by any chance running an eCommerce business.

That is why we recommend if you did not know about the risks before and already using nulled software, get rid of them as soon as possible. Take solid safety measures for your website and try to look for free alternatives. To know more about dark mode check out this blog.

And after all of this, if you still prefer using Darklup-WP Dark Mode Pro nulled, you are on your own. Your decision, your call.

Do not forget to leave a comment below and share your thoughts and suggestions with us.

Mehrin Ferdous is a full-time Content Writer at WPCommerz. Her specialized content writing sectors are WordPress, WooCommerce, digital marketing, etc. In free time she loves listening to music and reading books.

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