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Boost WooCommerce Sales

Top 5 Proven Ways To Create Urgency And Boost WooCommerce Sales

Do you have a WooCommerce site that sells less than what you dreamed of ? Trying hard but struggling to boost WooCommerce sales?

There are actually many reasons behind a low-selling online shop that you wouldn’t normally notice. But it’s winter sale time and everybody’s selling like crazy. Still, you aren’t getting enough.

This problem calls for a solution. Normally, you’d think to rearrange everything from the start to fix it or break down the whole site to identify the problem. In reality, you don’t have to do that because we have a quick solution to your problem.

This article will exactly tell you about 5 proven tactics to create urgency among your customers to help boost sales. For your concern, all of these 5 ways are non-technical. That means you don’t have to pay to hire an expert to apply them.

That’s enough for the intro. Let’s get started!


Why Should You Convert Your Shop To WooCommerce


Retail shops are no longer in power in 2021. We are always too busy to move around the town, going shopping and picking things ourselves. And if it’s the peak season, the long line in the queue will smash your sheer will to enter the shop anymore.

That’s when people started avoiding direct cart shopping and picked up their phones to shop online. In 2020, the number of people shopping online crossed 2 billion and kept rising. Statistics say that the total worth of eCommerce sales exceeded 4.2 trillion US dollars following the year.

It’s all made possible because of the giant online shopping platforms like WooCommerce & Easy Digital Downloads. Although more and more platforms popped up recently including Shopify & Wix, WooCommerce still holds the major share of the market.

The reason behind WooCommerce’s popularity mainly remains in these points-

  1. WooCommerce is an open-source, free platform
  2. The interface is super easy
  3. With WordPress integration, you can access the thousands of plugins easily
  4. Highly customizable and freedom of choice
  5. No upper restrictions no matter how big your site becomes


Unlike Shopify or Wix where you have limited space & a few selective customizations, WooCommerce gives endless customizations including themes, plugins, & other stuff.

We assume that you have already started with WooCommerce. Now, let’s take a look at the top 5 strategies to increase sales of your WooCommerce store. We recommend you to follow these tips carefully and assess  the results in order to boost your sales considerably.


Top 5 Proven Ways To Create Urgency And Boost WooCommerce Sales


1. Marketing Strategy and Emails


The first thing to adopt to achieve your target sales boost, is a proper marketing strategy and execution. Any less known product to the customer will not sell high even if it’s the best quality. The reason Amazon has the highest global sales is that the company moved major assets into marketing.

With successful marketing, you can boost the total profit from 0 to 500% within years. In order for you to boost WooCommerce sales to the next level, apply these marketing strategies immediately-

  • Email Marketing




boost sales

Email marketing is the most successful way to approach your customers. It’s a proven method that’s been put in action for over a decade now. Emails can directly relate to people where it can create a sense of personality among the recipients.

For the WooCommerce marketplace, email plays a big role to funnel your business in the right direction. With it, you can create lists of potential customers, future business plans, and the gross growth of the shop. If done correctly, it can turn out to be one of the  great strategies to increase sales.

Adobe published an article stating the record-breaking sale on Cyber Monday due to a successful email campaign. The growth rate increased by 25% each day making more than $7.9 billion in sales. Amazing!

For you to increase sales on your WooCommerce site, you need to-

  1. Create lucrative email campaigns on special days
  2. Maintain weekly newsletters to keep your customers in touch
  3. Send free resources often
  4. Don’t miss out on any promotional occasions


  • Social Media Promotion

strategies to increase sales

A successful marketing strategy doesn’t rely on emails alone. Combined with social media platforms, you can increase your business sales at a faster rate.

Social media are those places where people always hoard no matter if it’s day or night. As more than 3 billion people use Facebook, YouTube & Twitter, they are the best places to promote your products or shop.

Just a couple of things to do here to goal a perfect marketing funnel in social media-

  1. Make stunning promotional campaigns
  2. Use brand images to boost the promotion
  3. Upload product videos to gain trust
  4. Give offers & discounts for the social media users
  5. Make surveys, giveaways, reviews, etc.


  • Persistent Cart Promotion

It’s normal that many people coming to your online shop will browse some products, pick things in their cart, and just leave without checking out. These are called the ‘Abandoned Carts’.

Most of the time the customer won’t come back to buy those products and it’s a loose thread for the retailers. It’s a loss and you don’t want that.

In this case, a persistent shopping cart can totally change the game. Whenever a user closes the site without checkout, the cart will email them at a certain period to remind them about the abandoned products they picked before. Certainly, this strategy can recover up to 30% of the failed sales for your WooCommerce business. Great, isn’t it?

To maintain a solid persistent shopping cart and improve your sales, you may want to check out this article by Neil Patel describing how to smooth out your shopping cart.


2. Attractive Product Badges & Coupons


Think for a second, when a customer visits your WooCommerce shop, what catches their eyes quickly? No matter the situation, products with special tags or badges will be the first thing a customer will see.

This is because a lucrative product badge creates a sense of urgency for the customers and makes them kill for the product. It’s a rather peculiar tactic to attract more customers. But it’s a proven strategy to increase sales in a short time.

You can use the Variation Swatches plugin which is made for WooCommerce only to boost the product visibility using attractive badges. There are more than 10 pre-made badge templates available for a quicker job. Also, you can make your own badge and customize it anyhow you want with it.


3. Limited Time Offers


Another proven tactic to boost your sales is to give limited-time offers. Surprisingly, people get taken by the products with a limited offer instead of products with discounts. This is a proven method to create a sense of urgency among the customers in order to push the sales.

ways to increase sales


For example, the offer banner on the left side (1) of the picture shows a special discount of up to 50%. On the other hand, the banner on the right (2) urges a one-hour time limit for the special offer. In practice, the second banner would fetch more than 1.5 times the number of customers than the first banner. It’s truly due to the fear of losing the offer if exceeded the one-hour time.

Big WooCommerce store adopt time-based urgency strategy to increase sales faster on big days like Cyber Monday, Black Friday, etc. They generally use 15 minutes to 30 minutes tactics to bait in more customers into buying their product in urgency. It’s a proven method and it gives satisfying results.

Another tactic is to urge people into buying a product by revealing the number of people who already have bought that particular product. Public sentiment always works as people try to mimic another person’s choice. The displayed number can be original or fake depending on your target audience and popularity.

i.e. 958 people bought this product today!

That’s how you can boost sales by creating lucrative limited-time offers.


4. Captivating Website Dark Mode Interface


The dark mode trend is going on for quite a while now and people are still opting for this feature in 2021. It can be your next ace in spade to boost traffic and sales on your WooCommerce website.

sales boost

The dark mode is mainly a dark interface of the same website where the light intensity is absolutely lowered. It’s a useful feature to reduce eye strain & headaches due to the long usage of mobile devices. Naturally, people have been hyped for this new technology as it happens to solve over 60% of eye problems.

According to the statistics, more than 40% of internet users globally access the internet at night. While most of them possess shopping tendencies, nighttime is a great time to boost your sales.

But the problem is that most WooCommerce websites have a ton of white backgrounds to focus the products without any extra details on the screen. It’s good if it’s in the daytime but at night, the light becomes too bright and customers bounce more often.

To execute a successful nighttime business strategy, you must include the dark mode feature for users on your site. The dark mode can reduce the lights and provide an easy-to-read dark interface while calming the users.


boost your sales

For WordPress & WooCommerce, Darklup is surely the best dark mode plugin you can get online. This tool is unique when it comes to applying the perfect dark mode interface to your WooCommerce store.

The reason is, Darklup comes with a ton of customization and user preferences that can personalize any online store into what the user desires. It means you can make it anyhow you want and create a stunning dark interface that matches your theme.

Let’s take a quick look at the extraordinary features of the Darklup dark mode plugin-

  • OS-based color preferences
  • WooCommerce integrated for site & products
  • 12+ amazing color presets
  • Full interface color customization
  • Default dark mode with schedule timer
  • 12+ switch styles to attract customers
  • Custom CSS for developers

It’s a great strategy to let your customers visit your WooCommerce website at night and let them feel totally comfortable with the new dark version of the site. It’s reported that the dark mode interface has a direct impact in raising the site’s ROI, sales boost  and increase the total conversion rate by 10%-50%.

So, the best option is to get Darklup dark mode to make your WooCommerce website get busier at night.


5. Site Speed Optimization

create urgency

Every WooCommerce website lags in speed no matter how big or small they are. The reason behind its slow loading speed remains in the number of features & functions running in the background of the site.

Any typical WooCommerce website has a lot of features, images, animations, videos, etc. The site needs all these to perfectly display goods to the customers. Less content means it will lose in the competition. So, the site could only get heavier as it moves forward.

So if you want to boost WooCommerce sales, you need to enhance the site speed. Statistics say, if an online store takes longer than 3 seconds to load, more than 40% of customers will bounce at the 3-second delay. This is a huge loss for an eCommerce shop.

Solving the speed issue for such a website is not easy. There’s no one-step solution to this. Hence, to boost your WooCommerce site speed and gain more sales, please take these measures fast-

  • Use faster hosting service (SSD based)
  • Use any speed-optimized WooCommerce theme from a secured brand
  • Get a professional site caching plugin
  • Optimize images and reduce their total weight (Plugin or image tools)
  • Use media platforms (Vimeo, YouTube,..) to upload video into the site
  • Use a proper CDN to ensure smooth loading speed in cross-nation
  • Regular site cleanup, trash old & expired carts, delete stock-out products, and rearrange database often

With these easy steps, your regular WooCommerce website will be a lot faster than its competitor. More speed means more customers and more customers means more sales.




To achieve a satisfactory sales target with your current WooCommerce website, you can try implying these tips and tricks in order to get back on track. While it’s not mandatory to apply all the methods indicated in this article, they are the best course of action to boost your sales to the maximum.

We know that every WooCommerce site is unique. But all of them have a common trait or mechanism that works behind the wheels. We just laid all those useful strategies to increase woocommerce sales. Now, it’s your choice what to do about it.

Thanks for reading this article. Feel free to express your opinion in the comments.


Mehrin Ferdous is a full-time Content Writer at WPCommerz. Her specialized content writing sectors are WordPress, WooCommerce, digital marketing, etc. In free time she loves listening to music and reading books.

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