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7 Best WordPress Dark Mode Plugins to Reduce Eye Strain & Enhance Your Website’s Look

Do you have any idea why the dark mode became popular?

Because it highly impacts the user experience. Dark mode turns the user interface color into black or gray. So it improves the content readability and users can easily navigate the website. 

If your website user experience remains bad, visitors will often leave the site. So the bounce will automatically go higher. 

So as a WordPress website owner, you can easily use the dark mode plugin to turn on the dark mode in your website.

Is it wise to choose the plugin randomly?

Definitely not. You must analyze the advantages and features of the plugin. Then you should choose the right one for your WordPress website. 

We can assure you DarklupLite has unique dark mode features that will help you to optimize the appearance of your website.

In this article, we are going to discuss the best dark mode plugins for WordPress and their features. We hope you will be able to choose the perfect dark mode plugin from the list.

7 Best Dark Mode WordPress Plugins To Craft Your Website

You can find lots of free and premium dark mode plugins in the WordPress plugins store. But It’s not easy to find the right plugin for long-term use. 

We did lots of research and found 7 must-have dark mode plugins to tailor your WordPress website. So let’s get a broad idea about these plugins.

1.DarklupLite – The Most Advanced And Uprising WordPress Dark Mode Plugin

DarklupLite Dark Mode Plugin

📌 WordPress Active Installations: 800+

📌 User Ratings: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Are you thinking of changing the look of your WordPress website by enabling dark mode? Darklup can be the perfect choice for you.

It’s a well-developed and feature-heavy dark mode plugin that is available on the WordPress plugin store. Darklup is always ready to keep your visitors’ eyes safe from bright light exposure.

The most fascinating factor of Darklup is its ready-made color preset functionality. Can you even imagine that it has 12 pre-organized color schemes? Each color preset different colors and styles. 

By the way, you can customize the presets’ background color, text color, button color, and link color in your way. Besides that Darklup has an advanced “Dynamic Dark Mode” function. Users can easily adjust the intensity of the dark mode by changing the value. 

You can find this unique feature in any other dark-mode WordPress plugin.

Another lucrative and advanced feature of this plugin is its “OS-Based Dark Mode”. We know that visitors often come from multiple devices like smartphones and computers.

Check this video for enabling dark mode on your WordPress site.

Check another guide: How to Enable the Dark Mode Plugin for WordPress on Your Website: Click here

This plugin has also premium versions. Here is the cost of the premium versions – 

💲 For annual subscription

  • Starter – $29 $41 for a single site license.
  • Business – $49 $81 for 10 sites license.
  • Ultimate – $99 $198 for 1000 sites license.

💲 For a lifetime subscription 

  • Starter – $49 $98 for 3 sites license.
  • Business – $99 $330 for 100 sites license.
  • Ultimate – $149 $993 for 100 sites license.

🔑 Key Features 

✅ Multiple dark switch styles.

✅ Time-based dark mode functionality.

✅ Advanced frontend and backend dark mode function.

✅ Compatible with various page builders.

✅ Dark mode custom CSS support.

💬 User Reviews – 

beachbum12“The best plugin for those who wants to implement Dark/Light mode in their websites. Its easy to use and feature rich “
Yam Yuen – “I believe that Darklup is the best all-in-one dark mode plugin for WordPress. I have been pleased with the quality customer service that I have received from Darklup. I highly recommend it!”

2. WP Dark Mode – Best Dark Mode Plugin for WordPress with Social Sharing

WP Dark Mode

Image Source – WP Dark Mode

📌 WordPress Active Installations: 20,000+

📌 User Ratings: 4.6 out of 5 stars

WP Dark Mode is another feature-rich plugin for optimizing dark mode on your WordPress website. With the help of this plugin, you can easily enable dark mode within a few clicks from your WordPress dashboard.

It will help you to enable OS-based dark mode for various operating systems like Android, Windows, iOS, etc. So you customize colors for different users.

Well, it also has different dark mode “switch styles”. You can choose and customize the floating switch size, position, etc from the switch setting.

By the way, WP Dark mode also has 13 colors presets for dark mode features. So you can independently choose any of the color presets based on your personal preference.

Also, you can use the WP Dark Mode for the specific page of your WooCommerce website. It will help you to exclude WooCommerce product and category pages.

Here is the setup guide for the WP Dark Mode plugin – 

Along with the free version, this plugin also has a premium version. Check the prices – 

💲 For annual subscription 

  • $49.00 for 1 site
  •  $66.75 $89 for 5 sites

💲 For a lifetime subscription

  • $174.30 $249 for 50 sites.
  • $226.85 $349 for 1000 sites.

🔑 Key Features

✅ Compatible with various WordPress themes.

✅ Animation effect for the dark mode toggle bar.

✅ Integration with Elementor widgets.

✅ Auto-generated OS-based dark mode function.

✅ Customized video and image editing feature for dark mode.

💬 User Reviews –

Ifada – “Honestly it’s an amazing plugin, Highly recommended.”
Cosmin T. – “messes up a lot of parts on your website using the presets they provide”

3. Droit Dark Mode

Droit Dark Mode

Image Source – Droit Dark Mode

📌 WordPress Active Installations: 5,000+

📌 User Ratings: 3.8 out of 5 stars

If you are looking for the easiest and most flexible WordPress dark mode plugin, Droit Dark Mode is the perfect choice for you. 

This plugin is ready to help you to customize the dark mode functions with a variety of different features. First, you can turn on the dark mode features for the different sections of your website such as front end and back end.

Along with that, the time-based dark mode is another essential feature of this plugin. It helps the user turn on the dark mode for a specific time.

We know that the color presets are essential factors for the dark mode options. So it has 10+ beautiful color presets for customization.

Sometimes improper image optimization with dark mode can make your website appearance unattractive. No worries, this plugin has an “image quality optimizer” function.

This plugin also contains premium versions. The prices are divided into different packages.

Well, you can check this video to set up this plugin.

💲 For annual subscription 

  • Pro – $35.00 $49 for 1 website.
  • Premium – $59.00 $99 for 10 websites.
  • Premium – $99.00 $199 for unlimited websites.

💲 For a lifetime subscription

  • Pro – $99  for 1 website.
  • Premium – $99.00 $199 for 10 websites.
  • Premium – $149.00 $399 for unlimited websites.

🔑 Key Features

✅ Pre-optimized color presets for dark mode.

✅ Different switch styles for switch buttons.

✅ Compatible with famous WordPress themes.

✅ Fully customizable function for Elementor.

✅ Dark mode optimization with the shortcode.

💬 User Reviews –

Peopleinside“Great plugin, I’m replacing another Dark mode plugin with this, and seems a good one!Thanks. I hope will be stay updated withour removing any good actual function.
Update: when you have blu text the dark mode is not working well.”
Yaseminjhanson – “If you want to sell the pro version you would have never released the plugin. Because as it stands, it looks like an advertisement to sell the pro version”

4. Dark Mode Toggle

Dark Mode Toggle

Image Source – Dark Mode Toggle

📌 WordPress Active Installations: 2,000+

📌 User Ratings: 4.6 out of 5 stars

Let’s talk about a unique dark-mode WordPress plugin called Dark Mode Toggle. It adds a toggle button to the user’s WordPress website. 

So that the visitors can easily turn the website dark with a click. It’s a very simple and lightweight WordPress night mode or dark mode plugin that is available in the plugin store.

Dark Mode Toggle comes up with lots of customizable features. If you want you can change the toggle bar position on your website. Also, you can personalize the toggle bar size like width, height, border radius, etc.

This plugin does not require any additional setup process. After installing the plugin, it will automatically be configured with the website. One of the main perks of this plugin is its compatibility with most WordPress dark themes.

💲 This plugin is available in two different versions free and premium. The premium version price is $29 $39

🔑 Key Features

✅ Easiest dark mode for the front end and admin panel.

✅ Lightweight and simplest functionality.

✅ Most flexible and easiest dark mode setup capability.

✅ Switching animation for the toggle button.

✅ Various optimization functions for the toggle button.

💬 User Reviews –

Kafeli“Dark mode does an excellent job, it works flawlessly with a nice transition.”

5. QS Dark Mode Plugin

QS Dark Mode Plugin

Image Source – QS Dark Mode Plugin

📌 WordPress Active Installations: 1,000+

📌 User Ratings: 4 out of 5 stars

To become relevant in the new trend of dark mode, choose the QS Dark Mode Plugin for your WordPress website. 

This plugin is ready to give your website design a unique and creative dark look. Because it has a variety of color schemes to optimize the dark appearance more efficiently. Currently, the QS Dark Mode plugin has 10 color presets.

Also, the QS Dark Mode plugin has 10 different switch presets. Along with the switch style, you can add customized CTA text.

However, if you don’t like ready-made presets, you can easily enable the custom color from the setting. After that, you change your website color based on your preference.

QS Dark Mode plugin also helps users to change the dark mode font size customization option. So the users will feel comfortable changing the font size based on their requirements.

💲 For annual subscription

  • Personal Plan – $29 $96 for 1 site license.
  • Agency Plan – $99 $325 for unlimited sites license.
  • Business Plan – $58 $190 for 20 sites license.

💲 For a lifetime subscription

  • Personal Plan – $49 $165 for 1 site license.
  • Agency Plan – $147 $485 – unlimited site license.
  • Business Plan – $99 $325 for 20 sites license.

🔑 Key Features

✅ Fully integrated with the WooCommerce platform.

✅ CSS customizable dark mode function.

✅ Advanced image opacity and image swap option.

✅ Compatible with famous page builders.

✅ Smart time-based dark mode option.

💬 User Reviews –

Kamal5472“I have found this one good enough to user and this free version cover all the basic needs of a Dark Mode plugin. Thumbs up!”
Nasujon“Thanks for a great product. It is really appreciated”

6. Go Night Pro | WordPress Dark Mode Plugin

Go Night Pro

Image Source – Go Night Pro

📌 WordPress Active Installations: 200+

📌 User Ratings: 3.3 out of 5 stars

With the help of the well-developed and advanced dark mode plugin Go Night Pro, users can flexibly enable the dark mode theme on their websites. 

By the way, generally dark mode optimization works based on dark or gray color. But this plugin will help you to optimize dark mode based on your color demands.

One of the essential features of this plugin is “OS color scheme detection”. If you enable this feature, it will automatically detect the visitor’s OS and enable dark mode based on that.

Also, you can use 12 different styles for the dark mode switch. It will give full flexibility to choose the style based on your website look and template.

However, you are using the WordPress platform for building your website. You know the importance of using a shortcode. Go Night Pro will provide you with a short for enabling dark mode on your website.

💲 $66.88 for 12 months subscription.

🔑 Key Features

✅ Powerful backend dark mode function.

✅ Custom CSS dark mode optimization.

✅ OS-based dark mode capability.

✅ 12 unique button styles for dark mode.

✅ Default dark mode function.

💬 User Reviews –

peopleinside  – “Nice plugin but need some update and fix.Plugin seems not update since long time.
When user decide to switch off the nigh mode set as default respecting OS settings and refresh or change the page the dark mode is again on so this is a defect.”

7. Night Eye – Dark Mode Plugin

Night Eye WordPress Dark Mode Plugin

Image Source – Night Eye – Dark Mode Plugin

📌 WordPress Active Installations: 200+

📌 User Ratings: 5 out of 5 stars

Night Eye – Dark Mode Plugin is another famous plugin to tailor dark mode on your WordPress website. You can choose this simple functional plugin for your website.

As usual, Night Eye has functions for the scheduled dark mode enabling the option in the general setting. 

Along with that, this plugin advanced smart color inversion feature. It provides the WordPress website owner with a smooth and accurate dark mode.

By the way, Night Eye doesn’t gather any data from the user’s website. So you don’t need to worry about privacy issues on your website.

Effective support is always important for any kind of tech product. Night Eye has a good support system for its users. Just you have to ask your questions, they will solve your issues.

💲 $40 – one-time payment for lifetime use.

🔑 Key Features

Efficient scheduled dark mode for websites.

✅ Proper color adjustment in dark mode.

✅ Change dark mode pop-up text and titles.

✅ Pre-optimized dark mode themes for the users.

✅ Customize dark mode toggle position.

💬 User Reviews –

Nihonscope “I went through 5 of the top ranked darkmode plugins and none of them would work properly and/or they wanted money to make them work properly.
This plugin is the real deal!

Final Words

To enhance the beauty of your WordPress site it’s necessary to select a decent-quality dark mode plugin. 

So that you can independently customize and make your site more user-friendly.

Then how will you choose the right plugin?

We think you already know which is the best for you.

Because throughout the article, we have discussed the 7 best dark mode plugins for WordPress with their price and features. 

By the way, we used each plugin and provided a better overview based on that. Based on our experience, we can recommend you use DarklupLite. 

Because it has advanced auto-generated dynamic features. You will never find this feature in any other plugin.

We hope this article will help you to find your desired plugin.

Best of luck!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is dark mode good for websites?

The dark mode is highly effective to improve user experience and the overall looks of the websites.

Q. What is the best free dark mode plugin for WordPress?

DarklupLite – WP Dark Mode is the best dark mode plugin for WordPress.

Q. Can dark mode save battery?

Dark mode features are effective for OLED screen devices to improve battery life.

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