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How Dark Mode Can Lower Your Bounce Rate (: A Game-Changer)

Can you even imagine the popularity of the dark mode? Nowadays most website owners prefer using dark mode on their website.

So why has it become so popular?

Because it comes with lots of effective benefits. Reducing the bounce rate is one of the essential benefits of the dark mode function on your WordPress website.

It improves the readability of your website content and the appearance of the site. So the users spend more time on the website.

In this article, we are going to discuss how dark mode can lower the bounce rate on your WordPress website.

What is a Bounce Rate on a Website?

When visitors visit your website’s page only without taking any action and without visiting any other pages, the bounce rate gets low.

Increasing the bounce rate is not positive for getting business profit. Bouncing visitors can hamper on conversion rate. They often leave your website without interacting. So it is important to reduce the bounce rate.

bounce rate

Are you worried about reducing bounce rates and engaging your audience?
Don’t be worried. Let me share some important points which help you to increase web traffic.

You should keep your eyes on some phenomena regarding your website. If you want to drag your customers, you need to create a well-organized, good-looking, and visibility-comfortable website.

A website’s bounce rate generally depends on some factors. Have a look at these factors.

Why do visitors leave your website o early?

First of all, you have to analyze your targeted audiences. The target audience is a good source of conversion.  Provide all relevant information on the page. Without a good amount of information, your visitors are not satisfied and they will leave the page immediately. There are also several reasons for bouncing back.

bounce rate formula

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So that the audiences could see their demanded things and they can be attracted easily.
An attractive homepage can drag your customers to go through the website’s other pages. Make the first look of your website so convenient that it creates more interest in your customers.

Increase Visibility Using Dark Mode

Provide a visibly comfortable and eye-soothing website. For that, you can use one of the most efficient Darklup dark mode plugins for WordPress.

Dark mode helps your website’s visitors to spend a long time on your website. Because it increases the readability of your website and creates a better working environment. Dark mode can amazingly engage your audience on websites.

Well-structured website

Design a proper user experience that will help you to improve your bounce rate. A well-structured website with a proper layout, user-friendly, the clean website has less bounce rate than a confusing, old fashion, and complex website.
Have you provided something people want to look at? If not, visitors will be leaving.

Websites have to be responsive.

Responsive websites help visitors easily navigate and visualize all information. It mainly helps to adopt the design and elements of a website for any screen size, input methods, and device.
Responsive websites grab your visitor and let them go through a friendly website, and this helps to decrease the bounce rate.

Provide interactive content

Try to follow some strategy to engage the audience. Like you can provide interactive and informative content to make the visitors spend more and more time on your website.
Interactive and relevant topic-related content helps visitors search for their required information. This will force them to go through the other web pages.

Speed and quality of the website

Slow-loading websites create negative vibes in visitors. They always become irritated by slow loading, and most of the visitors immediately give up on a slow-loading website.
Taking too much time in loading and the average quality of a website has a high bounce rate and low conversion rate.

Having a proper idea of bounce rate:

You have to analyze the proper bounce rate and should have a real idea of the bounce rate.

  • When the bounce rate is higher than 80%, then there are some serious problems with retention.
  • If the number varies around 50%-70%, that means the performance of a website is average.
  • But the perfect percentage is 30%-50% and that should be your goal as it is considered excellent for a Digital Marketing strategy.
  • 20% bounce rate indicates a tracking problem.
Bounce Rate

How does dark mode prove very much effective to reduce bounce rate?

The dark mode is now a high priority. People of all ages are concerned about a comfortable and eye-soothing reading environment. When you enable dark mode, it can enrich your website in many ways.

By using this feature, you can decorate your website with a dark color scheme and make it more visible.

So visitors can feel relief while going through such an amazing website using dark mode.

Dark mode reduces the bounce rate and increases the conversion rate.

Are you confused about the fact that dark mode can be very much helpful for reducing bounce rate?

Let’s talk about the facts.

Increase Readability

Increase Readablity

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Dark mode provides an eye-pleasing readable environment with clear vision. Especially at night, website visitors badly feel the need of having dark mode.

As most of them suffer from eye strain and only dark mode can make them comfortable.

It will compel them to spend a long time on your website and visit all other pages. That will be a great strategy to hold your website visitors and reduce the bounce rate.

Battery Power Saving

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Bright screens of smart devices consume huge battery life. Internet and other activities attenuate battery life in large proportion. It is a big concern for the users.

Dark mode has come forward to solve this problem. From a study, 100% screen brightness can increase power consumption.

Switching from light mode to dark mode helps reduce a device’s power consumption by an average of 42% overall. So, using dark mode makes the users more interested in visiting your website frequently.

Provides Amazing Design

When you choose the perfect WordPress Dark Mode plugin for your website, it will be able to give a stunning look to the website. Perfect UX, graphs, pictures, and images are supportive with dark mode to give a proper design for a website.

A well-organized and decorated website with properly balanced colors can attract your website’s visitors. Your website visitors will feel comfortable spending a long time on your website and it will help to reduce the bounce rate engaging your audience.

Website Design

Dark mode makes the way easier for reading content. Especially at night, long time reading on a website may be caused by eye strains, bad headaches, and dry eyes. So the visitors often prefer the dark mode supportive environment.

Dark mode will drag your website visitors and make them gladly go through all elements and pages. This strategy will help you vastly to reduce the bounce rate on your website.

You may think about the most effective plugin for dark mode that can serve you for all purposes. There is an easy solution for you. Don’t have to be worried about this at all.
Let me introduce you to the most amazing Darklup Dark mode plugin.

Darklup Dark Mode plugin gives proper support and reduce the bounce rate for your website


Are you searching for the best plugin for WordPress Dark mode? Darklup Dark mode plugin will be the most feasible plugin for you.

The plugin serves all of your dark mode-related demands. You can accomplish a stunning design for your website. It will make your website more readable and eye-catchy.

To reduce bounce rate the plugin plays a very important role. As dark mode lets the visitors experience a great working circumstance.

Here are some important features of the Darklup dark mode plugin.

  • Backend Dark mode
  • Automatic mode
  • Floating switch button
  • Re-positioning floating switch
  • OS-based color mode
  • 10+ Exclusive color preset
  • 10+ exclusive switch styles
  • Ready for translation ( .pot files included)
  • Frontend dark mode
  • Dark Mode font size kit
  • Dark Color scheme for websites
  • WooCommerce supports dark mode
  • Custom CSS Supported dark mode
  • Dark Mode image support
  • Shortcode integration
  • Custom Color
  • Time-based dark mode
  • Set button location
  • Switch Background Color
  • Remember last time mode
  • Border Color
  • Image opacity
  • Dark mode switch in the menu
  • Link hover color 
  • Select page activation
  • Post activation
  • Exclude Elements
  • Replace Logo in Dark Mode 
  • Default Dark Mode 
  • Floating Switch Customization Fully Customizable Icon, background, and pallet Color for Switches 
  • Text Color matches any theme 
  •  Switch Tooltip Setting

Boost your business, reducing bounce rate very easily. Make a convenient strategy to always give priority to your website’s visitors’ requirements.

Pick the right WordPress Dark Mode plugin and decorate your website in a very well manner. Your website audience will be bound to give their time to your website.

  • By the way, you can also turn on dark mode on your smart device. To know more about it read this article -How to Turn On Dark Mode on Smart Devices? Click Here...

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