To enjoy all the facilities and stress-free working time activate the plugin. After activating in general settings you can turn on to enable the dark mode in the frontend as well as the backend for the admin section. So admin and users both will be benefited from this plugin. OS aware dark mode section will be served dark mode when their device preference is set to dark mode. From the admin panel, you can allow showing floating a switch b for the users.

In the advance setting, you can turn on the switch menu for users and users can have a switch in the menu in any location. The time-based dark mode is also be allowed for users as well as admin. You can allow changing switch style from different style, switch position, text font size, and switch button available for any post and page for users. As an admin, you are allowed to change the color scheme and can enable the option for your frontend users to change the total color scheme as they want. Image opacity, logo light etc. are also can be changed as per the user’s choice. Our plugin is very much user friendly. In the settings option, you will have all the features and you only have to turn on your desired option for you and your users to furnish your website and make it more readable for your users.


Our WordPress Dark Mode Plugin will provide you the best service:

It’s time to grab the plugin. When you really feel the importance of having WordPress Dark Mode Plugin then you have to know about all the features and accessing procedures of this plugin and it’s a great fact that with this plugin you will have a smooth journey. Because this plugin is so much user friendly and doesn’t have to access this plugin in a complicated way. All the options and features are easy to find and turn on. By using the dark mode plugin you will have an increasing number of users as nowadays people want an eye catchy, painless, neoteric website to go through. So, without any doubt and obstacle use our plugin and fulfill your all kind of desires by creating an amazing website with a dark mode scheme.


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