We are going to talk about how to easily add dark mode to the twenty twenty-one theme.

WordPress as a web publishing website provides an easier way to create stunning websites. WordPress also introduced so many extraordinary themes to customize a website in different styles and ways. Among all leading themes, twenty twenty-one is one of the eye-catchy themes which has a blank canvas for your ideas which allows you to create beautiful layouts for your website.

The twenty twenty-one theme allows you to access the dark mode. So, are you thinking about adding a dark mode to your website when using this theme? Then there is a great solution for you, twenty twenty-one is perfectly adjustable for dark mode.


Let’s learn about how to enable dark mode to twenty twenty-one theme.

Nowadays almost all users want to access dark mode on their website. So after thinking about all the advantages of using dark mode it’s natural that you would like to take all the advantages of having a dark mode in your WordPress website.

So, you can activate dark mode in WordPress5.6 while using twenty twenty-one theme by following the given steps.

Firstly activate the twenty twenty-one theme. For activating it go to the Appearances>> Themes>> Add New. Twenty twenty-one theme will appear there. Now you can start customizing your website as per your need.

wp dark mode


To activate dark mode you have to find out the Color and Dark mode section from where you can enable dark color scheme. A dark mode switch button will appear to turn ON/OFF dark mode.

This process is much easier and provides a simple efficient way to add dark mode in twenty twenty-one theme.

dark mode plugin


Adding dark mode in WordPress using Darklup – WP Dark Mode plugin.

Theme wise dark mode activation gives you very limited features and doesn’t provide scopes to customize a well-furnished website. To solve these problems Darklup-Dark Mode plugin has been launched with a huge amount of amazing facilities that will meet your all requirements.

Are you eagerly waiting to use an extraordinary dark mode plugin? Introducing Darklup- WP Dark Mode plugin for your WordPress website which will lead you to customize your website with compatible features and no more need to use theme-wise dark mode with limited facilities.

Darklup provides so many feasible features to let you give a stunning look to your website and increase the readability as well as the accessibility of your website.


Some Important Features:

  1. Dark Mode font size kit
  2. Dark Color scheme for websites
  3. WooCommerce supports dark mode
  4. Custom CSS Supported dark mode 
  5. Dark Mode image support
  6. Replace Logo in Dark Mode
  7. Shortcode integration
  8. Custom Color
  9. Time-based dark mode
  10. Set button location
  11. Set button size
  12. Remember last time mode
  13.  Border Color
  14.  Image opacity 
  15.  Dark mode switch in the menu 
  16.  Link hover color
  17. Select page activation
  18. Post activation
  19.  Dark mode Elementor widget
  20. Dark Mode Gutenberg widget
  21. Dark mode visual composer widget
  22. Dark mode WP widget
  23. Frontend dark mode
  24. Backend dark mode
  25. Automatic mode
  26. Floating switch button
  27. OS-based color mode
  28. 10+ Exclusive color preset
  29. 10+ exclusive switch styles 
  30. And much more


Let’s discuss how you can add dark mode.

From the dashboard, go to Plugins>Add new, search darklup,

 install and activate the Darklup- Dark Mode plugin to have to access it.

wordpress dark mode plugin


After activating you can see the Darklup-dark mode settings option where obtains all the feature enabling and dark mode-based customizing options


General Settings

Turn ON ‘Enable Frontend Darkmode’ from darklup settings which will let your website users access dark mode by turning it ON from the switch button.

For activating dark mode in your WordPress backend section you need to enable ‘Enable Backend Darkmode’.

‘Enable OS Aware Dark Mode’ allows your website users to access dark mode automatically once their device is set up with dark mode.

When you turn ON the button ‘Show Floating switch’, this lets your users turn On the website view in dark mode.


Advance Settings

You can select a menu for displaying switches by enabling ‘Display Switch in menu’.

Time-based dark mode allows you to select your required time to show your website in dark mode. For this enable ‘Time-Based Dark Mode’ and set your time.



Style Settings

Also, there are so many features which will amaze you by giving so many facilities. 

You can change the switch style, select a particular page and post to show a floating switch for accessing dark mode.


You can change the font size of the text and select certain text for showing dark mode access buttons using this amazing DarklupWP Dark Mode plugin.

This Darklup- Dark Mode plugin provides you an extraordinary feature that allows you to avoid dark mode for a particular element or portion by selecting the class, div, id of your website.


Customize your website color using Front End Color Preset as well Admin Color Preset. Decorate your website using this plugin.


You can set the image and logo simply for adjusting with dark mode.

Here is not the end. Activate our plugin and you will have a lot of features that will help you to customize your website in an efficient way using a dark mode color scheme.


Dark Mode for your Admin Dashboard

A prodigious matter is that the Darklup- Dark Mode plugin is not only for your Front-End purpose but also serves your Back-End purpose.

To activate and access the Dark Mode in your admin dashboard, go to the Darklup Settings> General Settings> Enable Backend Dark Mode.


After that, you can see a switch button in your admin area to turn ON dark mode for your admin dashboard.



Final Words

Users really feel the need for having a dark mode for their benefits. So WordPress has launched a dark mode feature. But this dark mode accessing feature is unable to provide many important features. 

To solve this issue we have launched this dark mode plugin that contains all your desired features to furnish your website. Darklup WordPress Plugin is always ready to serve you in an efficient way to provide a proper reading and working environment.


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