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How To Boost Conversion Rate to Increase Sales (2021)

Business exits to generate cash inflow. Websites are a good place to run businesses and make good fortune. But what causes your website to make less cash than predicted?

The key to run a business website is to turn visitors into paying customers. In terms, it is called conversion rate. When the conversion rate falls, you lose money.

Statistics say an average website has around 2-4% conversion rate, give or take. Woah! That’s too low.

Obviously, you don’t desire a 2-4% conversion ratio but a huge 50-60% conversion rate. To set the goal higher, you need to buckle up for the necessary tasks.

In the article, we are about to disclose some of the most important info about boosting your site’s conversion rate and increase sales overnight. There will be small talks included, but they are definitely meant for you.

So, enjoy reading this article.

Why Conversion Rate Differs?

The main reason why the conversion rate differs is the people’s perspective towards your business. It depends on how people evaluate your website, what their intentions are, & how much they are impressed.

Confused, right? Well, let’s see it from a broad perspective. Please try to gather these answers-

  • Interest: Do you offer things that relate to your website and interest the visitors?
  • Trust: Do your visitors trust your business?
  • Business Frequency: How often do people look up to the product you are selling?
  • Price & Value: Expensive products have a low sale opportunity, while cheap products sell well. So, do your visitors find your product value reliable?
  • Content: Besides the products, is your site content engaging to the visitors?
  • User Experience: Does your website attract people to make a decision quickly?
  • Call To Action: Do you call people to action into buying your product?

Answer these questions on behalf of your business, and you will get to learn what is wrong with your conversion rate.

While these points are just the tip of the iceberg, many facts really influence your conversion rate. Enough with the intro; let’s get to business.

Easiest ways to boost conversion rate and sell more

Show Product Value To The Visitors

The most important way to boost conversion rate is to show your product value to the customers. Design your product in such a way that the visitors can feel a connection with it. It would be best if you properly revealed the product’s benefits and why people should buy it.

Product value

Convincing Design

There’s a saying, “Looks matter.” The more appealing your site design is, the more people will convert. Design directly creates emotional impacts on the visitors.

Taking about design, you can see how Amazon made the interface look so simple yet stunning. They successfully kept the visitors engaged with their site design.

Mobile-First Responsive Design

It’s a proven fact that more than 90% of people use mobile devices to surf the internet. That means more than half of the target audiences are mobile users.

So, to make them your customers, you have to develop a site that works best in a mobile interface. The whole website should be responsive and don’t miss anything out on mobiles.

Taking this step will boost the conversion rate to 15-20% at once.

Easy Navigation

Imagine a website with scattering menus, options, buttons, etc. This type of website doesn’t have a well-structured navigation menu to guide the visitors. Disorganized products, chaotic menu bar, & jumbled homepage layout will go through you off instantly.

Users don’t really want to browse such a website that doesn’t have a simple navigation system. But, this can be a good opportunity to boost your conversion rate by offering straightforward site navigation and stay ahead of your competitors.

Better Site Speed

Usually, a typical eCommerce website runs slower compared to a regular website. There is numerous media content (images, videos, etc.) involved in a business website, increasing the total data size.

The less the site speed, the more people will bounce off the website, resulting in a low conversion rate. Of course, there are ways to reduce the amount of data consumed by media content. Here’s a couple of useful tricks-

  • Imagify:- Optimize images to reduce total data size but no harming the image quality.
  • Media Platform (YouTube, Dailymotion, etc.):- Don’t upload videos directly into the website. Instead, upload it into a media platform and link it to the website.
  • Lazy load Content:- Restrict the page content from loading unless the user scrolls to the section.
  • Data Caching:- Use caching to save a static version of your page that usually loads faster than dynamic pages.

Frontend Dark Mode

The dark mode is a popular trend right now, and people love seeing the dark version of your website. It significantly improves readability as well as decreases the display brightness & contrast.

Statistics say dark mode boosts site conversion rate up to 30% for popular brands. You will see a minimum of 15% boost in conversion rate instantly upon using this feature.

The most popular dark mode plugin is Darklup, which lets you create a serene interface for your visitors. Only then can people keep their focus on the product, and this helps to increase sales.

Social Media Promotion

Social Media are proven platforms for rapid product promotion. The reason is, the majority of people spend 4-12 hours on social media platforms regularly.

While the number of daily active users crosses 2 billion for Facebook alone, you can only imagine the potential of spreading the business here.

In a word, you can connect with lots of social media platforms to secure more traffic from outside. This is another way to boost your conversion rate.

Offers & Giveaways

Sometimes offers & giveaways can increase conversion rates through organic promotions. People always appreciate giveaway events, even for the product they don’t want anymore.


Also, occasional offers & discounts pique user interest and urge them to purchase the target products. These events bring more traffic for a certain period and seem to fall when the offer ends. Learn more about how to grow conversion rate steady with creative offers.

Customer Testimonials

Testimonials are important in creating trust within your target audiences and increase your brand value. People tend to buy a product or service that has good reviews.

You can display customer testimonials on your website’s homepage to create a positive impact on your visitors. This doesn’t limit genuine testimonials, as some bigger brands forge testimonials to pursue people to buy their product.

Upsell Strategy

It’s a good tactic to show related products to a customer who’s shopping at your store. Usually, most people are busy with their daily schedule, so they can’t spend much shopping. While they are at your store looking for a specific product, you can display relevant products so that they can quickly choose to buy more.

For example, a person looking to buy a pair of jeans will definitely buy a shirt or shoe next. By showing, shoes & glasses on the jean product page will help them buy things faster.

It’s a good strategy to make people spend more than they intended and increase the conversion rate dramatically. Although it doesn’t work for certain people, it is a good method in the end.

Nagging Shopping Cart

People don’t always visit online shops to buy products. Many people randomly visit a shop, put things in the cart, and then just leave. These customers are usually capable of buying the product but are unwilling at the moment.

You can try setting up a shopping cart that will keep nagging at the customers for a certain period. Statistics say more than 74% of carts are abandoned daily. Using the persistent cart system, you can bring back almost 10-35% of customers and increase your conversion rate.

Wrap Up And Boost Your Traffic

So, have you been able to identify the cause of a low conversion rate on your website?

Remember, each website is different, and the situation may vary slightly according to the type of website.

Given that, the points we made above are proven effective for more than 95% of the websites. You can achieve a tremendous improvement in site traffic if you could implement the strategies successfully.

Again, there are always more rooms to improve your conversion rate. You can talk to us about how to improve your website traffic, and we are eager to help you.

Additionally, you can share your thoughts with us. Let’s talk sometime, shall we?

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