9. How to Use and Customize Switch Styles For Multiple Devices - Darklup

9. How to Use and Customize Switch Styles For Multiple Devices

In our Darklup plugin, we have 15 different dark mode switch styles for our users. You can choose any of the switch styles for your website. Also, you can independently customize the switch’s appearance.

You can separately choose switch styles for desktop and smartphone.

Go to Darklup Dashboard > Switch Styles > Floating Switch(Desktop). 

Switch Styles

Now choose your favorite switch style for dark mode. You can also see the switch preview on the right side of the dashboard.

To change the floating switch for a smartphone navigate to the Floating Switch(Mobile).

switch style for dark mode.

9.1 How to Customize Switch Styles #

Navigate to the button portion of the switch style page. We have multiple options for customizing the switch styles for dark mode.

For example, we changed the switch icon color to green. By following this process you can customize other factors such as switch text color, border color, switch position, switch text, switch margin, etc.
You can also use “Advanced Settings” to switch styles.

Advanced Settings” to switch styles.
  • Switch Animation – Select different switch transition effects.
  • Show tooltip – Enable tooltip text for the dark mode switch button.
  • Tooltip Text on Dark Mode Button – Customized text for the tooltip button.
  • Tooltip Text on Font Zoom Button – Customized text for font zoom button.
  • Tooltip Background Color – Set the background color for the tooltip.
  • Tooltip Text Color – Change the tooltip text color.

Enable Draggable Floating Switch – Easily turn on the draggable floating switch for visitors.

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