8. How to Use and Customize Color Presets For Frontend and Admin Panel

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Darklup has multiple pre-organized colors presets for faster dark mode optimization. Currently, our plugin has 12 exclusive color presets for our users. You can easily choose any of the color presets and customize them based on your site design and color.

Let’s see how you can use color presets on your WordPress website.

Go to your Darklup Dashboard > Color Settings > Front End Color Presets.

color setting

As you can see there are multiple types of color presets available. Now select your preferred color preset. Besides that, you can also customize the color preset based on your website design.

To change the color preset on admin mode navigate to the “Admin Dashboard Color Presets”.

8.1 Customize Color Presets #

Navigate to the bottom section, you will see different color preset customization options. You can edit each section of your website.      

☑️ Background Color

☑️ Secondary Background Color

☑️ Tertiary Background Color

☑️ Text Color

☑️ Link Color

☑️ Link Hover Color 

☑️ Border Color

☑️ Button Background Color

☑️ Button Text Color

☑️ Input Field Background Color

color setting

With the help of all these beautiful features, you can make your WordPress website look more astonishing and user-friendly.

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