7. How to Use and Adjust Dynamic Dark Mode - Darklup

7. How to Use and Adjust Dynamic Dark Mode

The dynamic dark mode feature is the most advanced and work-efficient feature of our Darklup dark mode plugin. This feature is developed based on a smart artificial algorithm. It can automatically detect the website structure and apply dark mode depending on that.

The dynamic dark mode is the default setting of our Darklup plugin. After installing the plugin, dynamic dark mode will be automatically enabled on your website.

7.1 How to Adjust Dynamic Dark Mode Intensity #

Go to Darklup Dashboard > Color Settings > Dynamic > Dark Mode Intensity.

color setting
  • The default dark mode intensity value is 80.

Now you can reduce and increase the intensity level of the dark mode.

dark mode intensity

This is how our website looks at the default level. Now we will reduce the intensity level to 60.

This is how it looks after reducing the intensity level of dark mode.

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