V 1.1.0

1.Fixed Blank screen On Front End Dark Mode Off

2. Fixed Issue of OS Enabled Dark mode

3. DarklupLite Required for Installation

4. Fixed CSS Issues

V 1.0.9

1. Fixed: Switch on Microsoft Edge (Mobile) Problem

2.Fixed: White blink on Page Reload on both Frontend (User) and Backend (Admin Panel)

3.Improve: Relocate Submenus under one Menu in Admin Sidebar

V 1.0.8

1. Added Switch Background Color Change Option

2. Menu Switch Alignment Control

3. Fixed CSS Issues


V 1.0.7

1. Add Re-positioning floating switch option

2. Add selector Exclude option

3. Fixed OS Dark Mode settings not work the issue

4. Fixed floating switch broken issue

5. Fixed some CSS issue

V 1.0.6

Added floating switch Re-positioning option

V 1.0.5

Fixed Button Issues

V 1.0.4

1. Fixed some CSS issues

2. Update Darklup settings page design

V 1.0.3

Fixed Switch CSS Issues

V 1.0.2

Fixed Woocommerce product field hide issue

V 1.0.1

1. Fixed Elementor edit page dark mode CSS issue

2. Fixed Gutenberg dark mode switch issue

3. Fixed some other issue

V 1.0.0

This is first initial release