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5 best dark mode plugin for WordPress

Nowadays people are really dependent on technology. Their profession, studying everything, is now technology-dependent. For this reason, all are surrounded by their mobile phones, computers. Laptops etc. People have to spend a long time both day and night working on their smart devices. The bright display sometimes becomes the reason for some uncomfortable issues. Eye strains, bad headaches, irritation, etc., are some health problems caused by using a bright screen for a long time. For WordPress, we make a precious dark mode plugin.

At night you may feel uncomfortable, and it will be an obstacle for your work. So to solve these problems, the dark mode has become a great innovation. Almost all operating systems and modern browsers like Firefox, Edge, Chrome, Safari, etc, have built-in dark mode options. As a user, you can also activate dark mode while using Android, iOS, iPhone, etc. Every technology provides a dark mode theme for the user’s delightful working environment.

Let’s come to the WordPress website users and audiences. If you are thinking about the dark mode activation on your website, there are some amazing plugins for WordPress Dark Mode. Users may have to go through any website and work on it for a long time. The dark mode plugins will alleviate all of the light mode creating issues. You have to choose the perfect dark mode plugin for your website. The suitable one will provide you all the advantages of dark mode.

Dark Mode Plugin for WordPress

As a WordPress user or a website’s audience, you may have to spend a long time sitting before your computer or mobile phone. This long-term attachment will make you feel uncomfortable. You also can suffer from the eye- strains, bad headaches, etc., because of the bright screen. To relieve your stress, you have to adjust the contrast of brightness.

So, if you are thinking about decreasing the brightness of your website for a particular time, a dark mode plugin for WordPress will come forward to solve all of your bright screen-related problems.

WordPress has some dark color scheme-based themes that provide a built-in dark mode function for your website’s frontend portion. But these themes don’t support all dark mode supportive features and provide all the facilities that a user desires.

So it can be tough to balance your website with dark mode while using this built-in dark mode function. To solve this problem, Darklup has launched the WP-dark mode plugin, which becomes very much preferable in a short time because of its support and amazing features.


Darklup – Turn darkmode with single click 

darklup lite

Darklup WordPress Dark Mode Plugin is one of the most powerful plugins with many highly demanded features. This plugin works to remove all health issues and gives a stunning look to your website with balanced dark color. It increases the readability of images, texts, videos, etc., to engage your audience with a comfortable view of the website. 

All leading operating systems and themes support this plugin. This user-friendly plugin lets you customize your website as you want. You can insert and adjust the dark mode switch button anywhere. You also can customize font size, button location, button type, body background color, text and links colors, etc.

You don’t have to know any code or go through any tough process to access this plugin. Just install and activate the plugin, and you will find all features accessing options in the Darklup Settings portion with proper documentation. One highly recommended and developed plugin that serves you in the best way.

Darkmode Setting

Important Features:

  • Applicable for both frontend and backend admin sections of a website.
  • Provide Smart dark color schemes which automatically pick up color schemes that go perfectly with your website.
  • Triggering Dark Mode between Pages, Posts, and Categories is accessible. 
  • Track the website’s user location and turn it into dark mode automatically according to their local time.
  • Give full WooCommerce and image support.
  • Allow setting the dark mode as your default color scheme for your website.

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Blackout: Dark Mode Widget


This amazing plugin for WordPress Dark Mode helps your website users to enable or disable dark mode on your website. It will serve your motive by providing a stunning dark color view to increase the readability of your website. 

If your preference is a dark mode for your website and you want to customize the website to provide a readable and pleasurable dark view, then this plugin can support you to fulfill your needs. 

Important Features: 

  • Use the CSS mix-blend mode to bring dark-mode to any of your websites.
  • Remember the user preferences to make it compatible for users.
  • Automatically shows dark mode on the user device when the OS preferred theme is dark.
  • Allow the user to use the element and widget as a toggle.
  • It may not be compatible with all the browsers.

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WP Night Mode

WP Night Mode


WP Night Mode plugin is an efficient dark mode enabling plugin which creates a good-looking website for you. After activating this plugin, users can access this without any complicated settings. This plugin easily catches up to your device’s OS preference. You can customize your website by setting the switch position, changing the background text. Link, hover, switch color. Integrating shortcodes, you can edit any of your website’s portions.

To decrease the harm of bright screens and enjoy a pleasurable working circumstance, activate the plugin for WordPress dark mode and embellish your website with a dark color scheme.

Important Features:

  • Provide time-based dark mode to the automatic activation of dark mode.
  • Different dark mode enabling style switches are available.
  • Allow to exclude or include any page, post, or elements.
  • Compatible with the theme and operating system.
  • Usable for both the frontend and backend portions of a website.

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Go Night Dark Mode

go night mode

Go Night Dark mode is a new dark mode plugin that provides many options and features for your website. When using this plugin, you can choose your own colors as dark mode. Automatic dark mode activation on your website according to your setting time is accessible in this plugin. It also remembers the user’s choice and last time activation mode. You can adjust the button location, button type, body background color, etc., using the prominent plugin.

The dark mode plugin will really help your users to avoid eye strain. It also gives your website a new stunning effect and makes it more readable.

Important Features:

  • intelligently detect OS Color Scheme.
  • Most leading operating systems support the dark mode plugin.
  • Excluding any page, post or category is allowable.
  • 5 Button Styles and 12 color palettes are available.
  • Automatically set the dark mode, which was selected by the user last time.
  • Allow you to set dark mode colors for backgrounds, text, input, buttons, links, etc.

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Night mode for WordPress


night mode

Night mode for WordPress is another amazing WordPress dark mode plugin that provides dark mode with properly balanced color in your website. It can give a smooth dark color to prevent eye strains, headaches s, etc., and increase your website’s readability.

This plugin lets your website users spend more and more time on your website by giving a pleasurable view of a website. This plugin allows you and users to access some amazing features to balance with dark mode. It works with all major WordPress themes and is compatible with all major browsers.

Important Features:

  • Provides different night mode switch styles.
  • Include this night mode button in a selected page or post.
  • Allow changing the color and text of font, background, and links. 
  • Give full support on the image to balance with dark mode.
  • Allow changing position and title to any language.
  • Can keep on with navigation enabled or disabled.

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As a WordPress website user, I am always searching for a prominent and efficient dark mode plugin that can fulfill all of the demands. After using some plugins, I would like to recommend the DarklupWP Dark Mode plugin because this plugin gives me the best support both in the front-end and back-end portions.

All leading operating systems, browsers, and WordPress themes support the Darklup dark mode plugin. It enhances image contrast, and brightness provides different switch styles and presets colors to give me the scope for customizing my website with a proper stunning dark view. all advanced and well-developed features are accessed simply and easily in this plugin. The highly customizable dark mode plugin increases a website’s engagement and improves conversion.

So, if you are confused or want to use a highly efficient dark mode plugin, Darlup- Dark mode will be a great plugin for you.

Final Words

Make your website stunning and more readable for you and your website users, providing dark mode facilities. Select a compatible and convenient plugin for WordPress Dark Mode for your website and engage your website’s audience. A good quality plugin can save you from the harm of using a bright screen for a long time and provide you a proper workable environment.

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